The next decor trend? An off-centre circular back and crescent-shaped padding gives this chair its surreal look. Contrasting textures keep things interesting.

This crafted dresser echoes the architecture of a medieval cloister. Simple, elegant, timeless...

In chill-out zones, look for pieces with gentle curves that act as a wraparound cuddle.

Don't forget the lighting – a table lamp with a disc-shaped shade makes a serious style statement.

Throw different shapes around a table (ellipses, crescent moons, ovals, hemispheres) for a curve-tastic dining area

Scale is your friend when repeating similar shapes. Everything is speaking the same language, but sizing up and down delivers variety.

Even flooring can stay ahead of the curve. Tiles with a relaxed dot motif bring a Fifties feel that has an artistic edge.

Showcased on a plinth, this contoured bath has star status. All hail!

A plain white background zings into life with shapely furniture and accessories.

Photography / Simon Bevan

Styling / Hannah Franklin