At the start of any bathroom project, you will need to measure the dimensions of the space and make a sketch of the layout. ‘Mark down the position of existing plumbing and any other elements, such as doors andwindows,’ says Adam Chard, bathroom expert at Victoria Plum. ‘There are both recommended and required clearance guidelines for bathrooms and your installer should be aware of these.’

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Once you have your measurements, think about what your dream space contains. ‘Decide exactly what you need from your room,’ says Michael Sammon, sales and marketing director at Frontline Bathrooms.

‘With your requirements written down, you can start to plan what goes where. An online 3D planner will allow you to experiment with products and layouts.’

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‘Larger items such as the bath and shower will often take centre stage, so position those first,’ advises Merlyn’s commercial director Barry Hoyne. ‘Make sure there’s sufficient space between each fixture; forexample, there should be a minimum gap of 60cm between the WC and anything in front of it.’

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‘Fit in as much storage as possible,’ says Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co Interiors. ‘If we build out a wall to conceal the WC cistern, leaving only the bowl on show, we always try to use the space inside the studwall for hidden storage. Niches in the shower are another must, as they keep toiletries close to hand.’


Large items may take centre stage, but it’s important to think ahead about essentials, such as brassware, too. Choose high quality if you can, as it will look better and last longer.

It’s also worthgetting plumbing advice for the best shower and bath experience. ‘Most products require a minimum pressure to work, as well as an optimum pressure to operate at full potential. Make sure you check this with your retailer before you buy,’ recommends Duncan Yardley, design director at Perrin & Rowe.

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Ventilation is another important consideration. ‘Extractor fans can be noisy, so it’s worth investing time and money in a discreet model and seeking advice from your contractor beforepurchasing,’ advises Caitlin Nicol, senior interior designer at Kitesgrove. ‘Likewise, it’s worth keeping the extractor fan on a separate circuit to the lighting to avoid it whirring when it’s not needed.’

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And, finally, the fun part – decorating. ‘Many people are following the “more is more” maximalist ethos when it comes to bathrooms and are experimenting with bold colours and patterns,’ says JamesLentaigne, creative director at Drummonds. ‘Green is having a moment – both for small accent features as well as for larger areas, such as walls or floors.’

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