This "Croissant Detergent" is Going Viral for Making Your Bed Sheets Smell Amazing — 'Just Like a Bakery!'

The French girl coded croissant detergent recreates the carby goodness to a tea. Intrigued? Here’s where to get your hands on the creative concoction

viral croissant detergent
(Image credit: Snif)

If you had asked me what was missing from the marketplace, food-scented laundry detergent wouldn't have been at the top of my list. But sometimes, you don't realize what you want until you see it, and that's exactly what happened when I stumbled upon a video of a creator testing croissant-scented detergent.

Yes, you read that right — a laundry detergent specifically formulated to make your clothes, sheets, and anything else you can throw in a washing machine, smell like a bakery. Snif, the brand behind this creative concoction, describes it as a blend of croissant accord, wild berry jam, blackcurrant, toasted vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood. Unlike a plain croissant, which I’m guessing would smell largely of butter, this blend captures the aroma of a croissant topped with fresh jam, ready to eat. It's a French girl coded home idea if I've ever heard one and a brilliant idea for how to make a home smell good in a unique way.


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The concept has caught the attention of many, including Canadian perfume connoisseur Emma (@perfumerism), whose TikTok channel is a go-to for all things fragrance. In her video, she highlights a few important details about the detergent. 

Firstly, its clever cap design, which not only resembles a perfume bottle with its fluted sides and cobalt hue, but also provides the perfect 15 ml laundry dosage. Secondly, the necessity of a booster. While the detergent can be used on its own, it's recommended to use Snif's booster formula alongside it to enhance the scent.

But one question remains: how does the combo fare in practice?

The Viral Croissant Detergent

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After the washer-dryer cycle, Emma sniffed her freshly cleaned socks. She describes the result as ‘A very faint, kind of sweet croissant smell,' rating the post-wash potency as 2 out of 10. She attributes the scent's subtlety to incorrect booster placement (it's meant to go in the washer's fabric softener tray, which her machine didn't have). Whether or not this affected her result, I personally don't mind a 2/10 scent strength — sounds perfectly balanced.

So, is Snif's viral croissant detergent a must-have? Probably not. At $19 for the detergent and $27 for the scent booster it's a bit pricey for just 32 loads (Gain detergent offers 128 for under $20).

But what these other options miss is the nuance of a gourmet scent. Most of us don't hesitate to splurge on a captivating perfume, and I see this detergent as an extension of creating a mood. Fragrancing your sheets, clothes, and everything else can truly elevate your life, so the novelty of croissant-scented everything is something I'm personally willing to pay for. It's like a taste, or rather a scent, of Paris — magnifique.

viral croissant detergent

(Image credit: Snif)

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