This genius hack for hanging Christmas garlands is going to change how you decorate your fireplace from now on

No more balls of tape or rogue nail holes — it will blow your mind how easy it is to copy this social media hack!

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We've all been there before —and we're in the midst of Christmas decorating (what should be an extremely fun and relaxing evening) when we hear it. You're picking up some ornaments to put on the tree or pulling out a candle for the kitchen island when you suddenly detect a crash and a bang coming from the other room: the Christmas garland you tried to hang a million times — from the ceiling, over your mantle, etc. — has become unstuck and fallen to the floor again

It doesn't matter how much tape you add, and the idea of drilling nails into your expensive wood hearth makes your heart stop. What are you to do?! Honestly, the whole dilemma is enough to make you throw your hands up in the air and denounce Christmas decorating entirely. (Dramatic? I don't think so!)

Well, leave it to TikTok — er, TikTok and damage-free home hanging brand Command, that is — to come up with an ingenious solution that you can copy for only $4. Goodbye, garland headaches, hello, winter wonderland!

The genius hack for hanging Christmas garland


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I was today years old when I realized Command Cord Bundlers (not hooks) existed, and I have TikTok user @aurelie.erikson to thank for that. In her video above, Aurelie attaches two Command bundlers (which are typically meant to keep long cords in line, but in this instance function like a strap with more sag and flexibility than a traditional Command hook) to either side of her mantle before wrapping both straps around the edges of the garland she'd like to hang.

And voila! Her decor is not only secure (no midnight crashes here!), but its edge-adjacent positioning has now freed up room on top of the mantle for other holiday trinkets, lights, and candles. What's the best part, you ask? A pack of Command bundlers is only $4 at Walmart. 

Now all you need is something to hang — and lucky for you ...

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