Hang Loose: 7 of the Best Natural Pendants

Weave some interiors magic with wicker, raffia, rattan and bamboo...

Rattan has been having a huge style moment this season – and it looks set to continue for some time.

Along with its cousins, wicker, raffia, bamboo and cane, these woven plant materials and techniques are part of the wider 70s revival. Perhaps it’s that that gives it its laid-back, slightly louche vibe, conjuring up images of kaftans, creativity and not conforming to rigid social conventions.

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Or maybe its the relaxed beach Cabana style these woven pieces can project into fast city living that appeals to our over-wrought senses? Either way, there’s a bohemian beauty about these natural pendants, that will usher a new mood into your home.

From the grassy hula hula style of the Kula pendant at Graham and Green and the Raffia lamp from Tine K Home to the more structured styles of the Bulb pendant by Vincent Sheppard or the beaded Droplet pendant from Rockett St George, there’s a lightness and lack of formality to these lamp shades that will spill over into which ever room you choose to hang them in.

From a feel-spirited feel in the bedroom to an easy atmosphere in the dining area, or covered outdoor terrace these natural pendants will do a lot more than stylishly illuminate your space.

Due to the nature of the materials and the woven techniques involved in their making, most of these pendants will cast beautiful patterns of light onto walls and floors, as it filters through the shades and reflects outwards, casting a soft and subtle glow.

So read on to find your favourite and hang loose at home.

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