12 Outdoor Lounge Chairs For Relaxing in Style — Your Patio Has Never Looked So Good

'Tis the season to soak up the sun. For A+ vibes and style, look no further than this carefully curated edit, which highlights 12 of our favorite loungers right now

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Is there any better feeling than getting a bit of sun on your skin? As the days start to heat up, it's time to embrace more hours outdoors, but first you must invest in some of the best outdoor furniture. For this, my criteria is stylish, affordable pieces built with seasonal heat and rain in mind. Things like sectionals, coffee tables, patio umbrellas...all of which are key to crafting the perfect lounging experience to soak up the sun in style.

'Online shopping is great and all, but it's really essential to try out your outdoor lounge chairs to make sure they're a good fit for you,' advises Rafi Friedman, President of Coastal Luxury Outdoors. 'Either choose an online retailer with a generous return policy, or take the time to visit an actual showroom to make sure you're getting something that fits you well.'

He's right — you're crafting an oasis, after all. And while I can't personally bring you into a showroom, I can show you some great online options (most, if not all, of which are from retailers with excellent return policies). So let's get into it, shall we? It's time to style that patio.

12 stylish, budget-friendly outdoor lounge chairs

What is a good material for an outdoor lounge chair?

'Honestly, just about anything other than injection-molded plastic is going to have some advantages,' Rafi tells me. Properly-finished metal, for example, 'is going to last basically forever and offer a good combination of durability and light weight.'

Wood like 'cedar or teak' is probably 'some of the most attractive stuff you can use, and will also last for years if you take good care of it.' And if you'd prefer a sustainable option, try 'wood/plastic composites like Trex. This stuff is much more durable and fade-resistant than ordinary plastic.'

For a more trending look, Rafi suggests trying wicker for your outdoor lounge chair. 'I'm seeing a new love for vintage and upcycled pieces, modern designs using the material, and plastic furniture that imitates wicker's style,' he tells me.

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