Marcel Wanders, 2015


Matelassé velvet and spessart oak lounge chair, £4,762, Poliform

Part of Wanders’ Mad collection, which has been a storming success ever since its launch, the chair fulfils the Dutch designer’s desire to ‘tell a new story with each piece’. And what a fantastical tale the mad king spins. ‘We didn’t just want to make something that looks like a luxury item,’ Wanders explains. ‘We wanted it to feel luxurious too.’

With its rich, woven upholstery and effortlessly chic design, the mad king presents something of a departure from his often more radical pieces. ‘Softness is an important aspect of the mad collection,’ Wanders points out. ‘The contrast between the hard outer shell and the textured upholstery; the curvature of the edges; the choice of materials and finishes; and a sense of lightness make it really special.’ and just how special is it to sit in?

‘It’s called the mad king chair for a reason – you feel like royalty when you sit down on it,’ says Wanders. ‘In all that I create, I’m giving a gift to someone...’

Photography / Simon Bevan

Styling / Lucy Gough


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