This Gardening Tool is the Answer to "Gardener's Knee" — And You Can Buy a Stylish One for $15

Goodbye discomfort, hello landscaping bliss. A pain-free summer is just one purchase away.

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If you have a green thumb, chances are you have (or could soon have) what's known as "gardener's knee," the inflammation of the kneecap after hours spent kneeling in the soil, plucking up weeds or planting seeds. Modern garden or not, it's a problem that can plague even the toughest of landscapers.

'Gardener's knee, or as the doctors call it, prepatellar bursitis, is what happens when that little fluid-filled sac in front of your kneecap decides it's had enough of your gardening shenanigans and gets all inflamed,' says Gerardo Loayza, founder and CEO at BACQYARD.

It's pesky, painful, and a big problem for your summer plans. But, as it turns out, just one helpful $15 to $40 gardening tool can save the day — a garden knee pad.

9 actually chic garden knee pads

What is a garden knee pad or garden kneeler?

A garden knee pad is a handy piece of memory foam covered in canvas, cotton, or another durable material that plant lovers can use under knee while working in the garden. Such tools 'help spread out all that pressure you put on your knees,' while also keeping your knees dry and protected 'from any sneaky rocks or twigs that might be lying in wait,' Gerardo says. As a result, you can plant, pull, and pluck comfortably and for longer — and with a reduced threat of inflammation over time.

You could use also traditional knee pads for this — the kind that wrap around your leg, more associated with sports and biking — but we're focusing today on the kind you can pick up and carry from garden bed to garden bed. Such options are a bit more sleek and stylish than traditional knee pads (although Gerardo has tried this pair and this pair to successful results), and might prove slightly more comfortable if you dislike the feel of Velcro on your skin.

After a bit of digging, I've managed to track down nine stylish options, all of which should improve an otherwise painful gardening experience. I selected each piece for aesthetics first and foremost but of course made sure to spend some time digging into customer reviews and materials, as well. Goodbye gardener's knee, hello comfort!

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