The Only Glass Good Hosts Use For Holiday Parties - You Might Have It But Are You Using It Right?

If your bar cart or cabinet is currently lacking proper drinkware, this classic glass is the one you need to get through the holiday hosting season

Christmas table with champagne coupe
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The holidays are here and it's time to ho ho host! From California to Australia, kitchens around the world will be working overtime to produce a festive spread of food and cocktails throughout December, albeit with no shortage of stress baked into the process.  

At Livingetc, however, my colleagues and I aim to make your life easier when it comes to holiday parties and fetes. So we've spoken with plenty of designers and brand experts at some of the best home decor stores to find the top recommendations for surviving the holiday season, some of them practical and some of them product-related. And seeing as barware and cocktails often prove a particularly common sticking point for the amateur mixologist, unsure where to begin if their bar cabinet is a bit dry, we've doubled down on our reporting in this quintessential hosting vertical.

So on that note, might I introduce you to Double Dutch Drinks founders Raissa and Joyce De Haas, mavens of mixers and tonics. Using their alcohol acumen and deeply-honed hosting skills, the sister pair shared with me a few tips for the beginner cocktail lover and entertainer, starting with the one glass you'll need to host this Christmas season and beyond.


The perfect holiday cocktail or dinner party begins and ends with the beverages, in my humble opinion. Therefore, you must choose a glass that not only properly houses your drink of choice, but also elevates your tablescape and the vibe of your party. Which is it? 

"Our must-have hosting essential for Christmas is a coupe glass," Raissa and Joyce told me. "It’s a super elegant piece of glassware that works with so many different drinks." Not only that, but it can also "help elevate the visual appeal of your festive cocktails. It’s an easy way to make a simple drink stylish," they said.

What else makes a coupe great for holiday hosting? For one thing, "its wide rim and shallow, broad bowl allows for easy sipping and really enhances the flavors of the seasonal cocktails we love," the pair went on. "Whether serving a classic champagne cocktail or getting more creative using just a couple of ingredients, the coupe's sophisticated shape adds a touch of glamour to any Christmas gathering."

The trick is not to just keep it for champagne, but to put olives or fruit garnishes in the bottom and then pour cocktails on top. Instant prettification and flavor enhancement as the wide surface areas lets the notes spread throughout the drink.

Fortunately, coupes are relatively easy to procure and decently affordable to purchase. Below, you'll find a few of my favorite selections across Livingetc's most beloved home brands  — just remember to pour yourself a celebratory drink when you're done. Shopping is hard work!

9 festive coupes for hosting this holiday season

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