Designers are accessorizing their couches with this style of pillow – here are 9 to buy now

This style of couch pillow is trending and I love the look, here's how to style it and where to buy

A curated selection of broken check pillows
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I've been noticing the 'broken check' pattern trending for a while now and I love the look. It's a clever way of adding interest to the classic checkerboard pattern, with checks either stretched and elongated or played around with to create something that looks a little different from the norm.

'The 'broken check' look is currently trending because it offers a fresh take on the classic check pattern,' says Michal Silver, Creative Director of Christopher Farr Cloth. 'It introduces a playful, imperfect twist to the traditional design, making it more dynamic and contemporary.' It's a great way to accessorize your sofa in a modern way. Here are 9 I've found from my favorite home decor websites so you can get the look at home.

9 'broken check' couch pillows to buy now

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This irregular check, or 'broken check' couch pillow trend is alluring for a number of reasons. The irregularity in the pattern adds character and charm to what is otherwise quite a traditional-looking fabric, making it a standout choice for those looking to add a unique touch to their interiors.

'Checks have been an interior staple for years, with the new trend of broken checks aiming to modernize the classic design,' adds Clare Leith, brand manager of textile brand, Kirkby Design.

Checks have always been a versatile design, and we are seeing more bold and bright colors coming into the fold, such as cobalt blues and warm yellows. 'There’s been a shift towards pattern clashing and creating joyful interiors, you could use a check for statement upholstery, or equally as pops of pattern as a cushion,' says Claire.

How to style the look

A 'broken checked' pillow from the Jocasta collection at Studio Ashby

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'Layering cushions with the pattern with other textured cushions or throws can create depth and visual interest,' adds Michal Silver, creative director at Christopher Farr Cloth, which has a Lost and Found collection that fits the 'broken check' look brilliantly.

'Combining a variety of textures and patterns can enhance the 'broken check' effect. 'Play with different colors of cushions to create an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. The green, indigo, lemon, ruby, natural, and denim colors of our Lost and Found fabric options allow for diverse combinations that can suit various interior styles.'

Consider incorporating decor items, such as vases or artwork, that pick up colors from the cushions too. This will help tie the room together and create a cohesive look.

When it comes to how many throw pillows you should have on a couch, don't go overboard and stick to an odd number. Two in one color that contrasts against your sofa upholstery, complemented with one accent pillow - like the broken check look - will work nicely.

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