The best dark green sofas - make your love for this timeless color official with one of these 9 picks

Find the perfect dark green sofa to fit your space and your budget

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What started as a trend has now almost cemented itself as something timeless - almost a new neutral. Dark green has had an upsurge in popularity over the past few years, however, this has not subsided like most color trends.

We love how versatile this shade is, like a navy blue, dark green works with a range of shades, from raspberry to orange, white, and even black, making it one of the best sofas and couch colors to have.

So it is no surprise you want to get a dark green sofa, but now that you have decided on a shade comes the hard part, finding the right sofa for you. It can be difficult to find a piece that works for your needs and space. Given that sofas can be expensive it is not a decision you want to rush into either. 

We have taken the time to compile the top dark green sofas, providing you with options for every budget, space, and aesthetic. There is something for everyone.

Best affordable dark green sofa

Best sectional dark green sofa

Best curved dark green sofa

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