Majority K2 Soundbar review

Boost your audio and get a tree planted in your name with the Majority K2 Soundbar and subwoofer set

Majority K2 Soundbar
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A sleek looking soundbar and surround sound system with an eco-conscious message, the Majority K2 Soundbar offers good sound quality and connectivity for an affordable price.

Reasons to buy
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    Wireless subwoofer connection

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Reasons to avoid
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    Subwoofer not as good as some

If you’re currently looking to invest in a soundbar for your TV but don’t want to spend the earth, then the Majority K2 Soundbar believes it has the answer. The speaker comes with a wireless subwoofer, a wide range of connection options and a sleek, minimalist design, making it potentially ideal for those dipping their toe into the world of enhanced audio.

And a key thing that sets the K2 soundbar apart is Majority’s promise to plant a tree for every customer who purchases a soundbar which, for those interested in taking care of the environment, is an added bonus that can’t really be ignored.

Scroll down to see how we rated the Majority K2 for design, features and more.

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Majority K2 Soundbar

(Image credit: Majority)

Majority K2 Soundbar: Set-up and specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, OPT, RCA, USB
  • Power: 150W
  • Dimensions: 76.2 x 5.3 x 6.9cm
  • Weight: 3.36kg

The way you initially set up your soundbar will depend on how you want to connect it to your television. There are three options here - HDMI ARC, Optical Audio or RCA if your TV isn’t the newest model. We initially opted for the HDMI ARC, before switching to Optical.

Before this, you’ll need to plug both the K2 soundbar and the subwoofer into the mains and find a good place for the latter. The soundbar itself should fit nicely onto your TV stand or can be mounted to the wall if preferred.

To switch between modes you’ll need to hit the button on the remote until you find the right one. These options also include Bluetooth if you want to play music through your mobile device and, if you want to connect another device through the USB port, you’ll also find that.

Majority K2 Soundbar viewed from the back

(Image credit: Majority)

Majority K2 Soundbar: Features

The sound options for the K2 soundbar are good, allowing you to adjust the base and treble levels with the remote and offering three EQ options that you can easily switch between based on your own preference. There aren’t any presets for movie watching, sports etc, but the output is good enough that you won’t really miss them.

With Bluetooth, which you can connect to from a device once the soundbar has been set to this mode, works well and you can also play media from a USB device when plugged into the port on the side. One difficulty we had with the Bluetooth was that the soundbar would automatically start whatever podcast or music you were last playing as soon as it was connected, which caught us out a few times.

The subwoofer will please some audiophiles but, for the average buyer, might be an unnecessary step too far. As such, after testing the soundbar with the sub attached for several weeks, we disconnected it and noticed that the audio quality was not adversely impacted to a degree that would warrant the additional space the device took up in our living room.

Majority K2 Soundbar in living room

(Image credit: Majority)

Majority K2 Soundbar: Design

The K2 soundbar and subwoofer don’t look like the most high-end speakers on the market, but they have a nice solid design that will suit most living rooms. Some will have an issue with the size of the subwoofer, but the wireless connectivity thankfully means it can be placed somewhere less prominent without sacrificing sound quality.

With the ports situated on the back of the soundbar, those with a smallish TV unit that also supports a television will find that it can be a bit tricky switching connections around, so our advice would be to make sure you’re happy with your set-up before committing. 

Otherwise the soundbar itself is rather nice looking, with its mesh front and physical buttons on the right side. We were also pleased how well it blended into everything else when placed in front of the television.

Majority K2 Soundbar and subwoofer

(Image credit: Majority)

Majority K2 Soundbar: Our Verdict

The Majority K2 soundbar is a pleasantly surprising budget model with enough features to keep all but the most picky satisfied. The audio quality is great with or without the external subwoofer, and with both together you can create your own basic surround sound system. 

The speaker looks sleek without drawing attention to itself and, once set up, it’s super easy to use with settings that allow you to personalise the output to your ears. A great choice for anyone looking for good bang for their buck, and who also like the idea of Majority’s green mission statement.

About the review 

Caroline reviews speakers, soundbars and smart home technology for Livingetc, reviewing it based on the value it offers potential buyers. All products are tested in the home in real-life settings, ensuring that they perform how they should over a period of time.

The Majority K2 Soundbar was tested in a large room with a Hisense Roku TV, connected via the HDMI ARC cable before switching the Opt. Bluetooth playback was tested via an iPhone for podcasts and Spotify.

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