These Genius Japanese Cabinets are Going Viral — They'll Help Add Extra Storage to Even the Smallest of Spaces

The organizational brand knows a thing or two about clever space-saving storage solutions — these are some of my favorites

a modern bathroom with ample storage
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If you're an organizational enthusiast, you'll have heard of Yamazaki Home by now. If you haven't, it's a brand that should certainly be on your radar. Defined by their sleek minimalist designs, these organizers are some of the most inconspicuous you can find, and when it comes to tidying small spaces like the bathroom, this homeware store is one of the best places you can turn.

Here at Livingetc, we're long-standing fans of the Japanese decor style and minimalist way of life, so it comes as no surprise that Yamazaki Home's space-saving storage solutions have earned our seal of approval. They're all about promoting concealed storage that makes for a tidier space, and some popular products are having a real viral moment on social media right now, and for all the right reasons. If you're wondering how to organize your bathroom, look no further than these three favorites.

A double bathroom

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While we all dream about beautifully organized bathrooms, the reality for most of us is disordered cabinets and cluttered surfaces. While adopting the motto 'out of sight, out of mind' isn't popular advice amongst professional organizers, sometimes the answer to your woes is a nifty storage solution where you can hide all your stuff without compromising on style. Enter: Yamazaki Home. If you're looking to update your bathroom storage start with these three buys.

1. This Slim Utility Cart

A slim utility storage cabinet in a bathroom

(Image credit: Amazon)

In most bathrooms space is at a premium, and when available storage is so limited, we need inventive solutions that fit seamlessly inside the room and help to streamline the space.

Sound familiar? Well, this little utility cart from Yamakazi Home (available on Amazon) is the answer. Measuring just five inches deep, it slots perfectly into small nooks and crannies within your bathroom such as the space next to the toilet, and it has three open shelves that can be hidden when the cart is turned to face the other way.

If that wasn't enough, castor wheels not only give this clever cart extra versatility, but they make it easy to maneuver between spaces as needed (and it's super lightweight, too!) Whether you use it as a makeshift pull-out cabinet for your cleaning products or a caddy for towels, face cloths, and spare toilet paper, you're bound to find this nifty little cabinet an absolute game-changer.

2. This streamlined set of shelves

Freestanding shelves with an ash wood panel

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If you love the look and feel of a minimalist bathroom, this set of free-standing shelves is for you. With a sleek profile and an ash wood panel, it looks so inconspicuous within your space, but the big question is, what's it for?

It's intended purpose is actually to tuck neatly next to your toiler to disguise your stacks of spare toilet paper and the toilet brush, so your most unsightly items are literally hidden in plain sight. Like the utility cart above, these subtle shelves have a panel that hides the contents of the shelves while they're still making them accessible from the side. The top also doubles up as a useful surface that would be the perfect spot for a plant. We think this is the ideal solution to help save on closet and cabinet space while also cutting down on visual clutter.

3. This countertop storage container

White counter storage box in a kitchen

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One of the biggest problems we all face in the bathroom is the visual clutter of cosmetic bottles, moisturizers, and vitamins that soon cover the whole counter. Even if you're blessed with a huge double vanity with ample drawer or cabinet space, you're probably guilty of letting your daily products litter your surfaces without returning them to their proper place. If so, a simple counter storage box could be just what you need.

This white box with its clean lines and pared-back design is so simple yet so effective. While it's intended for use in the kitchen, users across TikTok have demonstrated how easily it can be repurposed in the bathroom to house your cosmetics. This concealed storage will make your space look so much cleaner by reducing visual clutter once and for all.

Feeling inspired? Pair these clever gadgets with some failsafe Japanese organizing techniques and you're on your way to a more functional yet minimalist bathroom in just a matter of minutes!

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