This Viral Kitchen "Drying Stone" is a Genius Alternative to a Draining Board — It’s a Must-Have for Minimalists

Stylish and affordable, this clever board is a perfect addition to your wash-up routine that won't clutter up your kitchen

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There's a clever material that's trending right now when it comes to your kitchen's functional spaces — something called "diatomaceous earth". It's a clever material that can absorb water and remove the need for unsightly draining boards that collect suds when washing up your dishes.

And this particular diatomaceous earth board is the viral sensation. The fact that it's stylishly designed, well-functioning and it doesn't cost a lot bumps it up to the top of our list. Made to look like marble, this viral dish-drying stone has taken kitchens by storm. Instead of opting for cloth dish mats or bulky water catchers that are left sopping on your countertops, why not test out a drying stone instead?

While they come in different designs, the white marble finish is our favorite. Ideal for dish drying, the stone mats are fast-drying, heat-resistant, and some even come with a non-slip base. In our opinion, it is the ultimate modern kitchen must-have.

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Di Ter Avest, Founder of Di Is Organized, tells us that kitchen draining boards can add a decorative touch to the kitchen, enhancing its visual appeal and eliminating the eyesore that some drying racks can be. However, draining boards are not only superior to regular dish racks from an aesthetic point of view. Di tells us that some drying racks quickly accumulate grime, mold, and other unwanted substances, while drying stones are easy to clean and maintain, promoting better kitchen hygiene.

Draining boards are especially perfect if you prefer the look of a minimalist kitchen. 'Drying stones contribute to a visually clean and clutter-free kitchen look while providing a designated area for dish drying. They are an excellent investment if they are within your budget and fit your home style,' says Di.

It's always good to cast a critical eye over anything that goes super-viral online before you buy, but we've come to the conclusion that the marble kitchen draining board is validly viral. One look at your chic marble drying stone and you'll have guests begging you not to gatekeep.

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