This Sell-Out Olive Tree From Costco has Gone Viral — It Might be One of the Most Realistic Faux Plants I've Seen

This artificial olive tree looks like the real deal and it's all over Instagram. Here's why everyone so obsessed with it

A faux olive tree in a modern white bedroom
(Image credit: Costco)

Tens of thousands of likes on Instagram and counting, this sold-out faux olive tree has taken the internet by storm. Standing at 8ft high, the olive tree is reminiscent of long sunny summers on the Mediterranean, which right now in January, feels like a bit of a pipe dream! So it's no wonder that the masses have become obsessed with this Costco must-have to bring a bit of summer feeling to their home space.

And whether you can get your hands on this specific olive tree or not to start decorating with plants, we've compiled six of the best alternatives out there you'll find, with the best reviews from real buyers who have bought them too. Whether you've got a modern home or a more traditional style, we're certain you'll be able to find one that's just right to add a touch of Mediterranean charm to a room.

Which Costco Olive Tree Has Gone Viral?

The hype is surrounding the Faux 8' Olive Tree which comes with a round artisan-style planter. The tree is impressively life-like but conveniently requires no watering, no pruning and generally no maintenance. So if you're looking for a houseplant that even you can't kill, going for an artificial one like this is an absolute no-brainer. 

The planter is a real added bonus to the product, meaning you don't have to head out and find a pot that fits the tree. What's more, the contemporary yet classic style in a neutral color means that whatever the interior design trends are that you follow, this planter is almost guaranteed to fit in with your aesthetic.

Of course, all this viral action means one thing — right now, it's actually sold out online. However, I spent some time sifting through the reviews of some other faux olive trees out there, and have found 6 of the best with the best reviews online.

6 Alternative Faux Olive Trees

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