This Storage Bench has Been Going Viral This Year — It's Still in Stock at Amazon and Almost 15% Off Right Now

If you didn't get to snag this TikTok-beloved buy earlier this year, now could be the time! Functional decor, just in time for 2024

white teddy storage ottoman
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As a style editor, I find myself on Instagram and Tiktok alot. More than you might think, honestly. Both platforms (but especially Instagram) are now rather shopping forward, and have proven an excellent barometer for what's trending, popular, and worth spending your money on. 

In the world of commerce, hype is a powerful tool. It can conveniently disguise a lackluster product as one to buy, but it can also elevate a worthwhile purchase from obscurity to mainstream. Especially when you're trying to decipher what to snag from the best home decor websites, these temperature-gauging paradigms prove all the more important. 

That all, of course, brings me to my main point here, which is that a stylish and Tiktok-beloved functional decor piece is on sale at Amazon right now, and with a really nice markdown. And if the past runs on this product are anything to believe, you'll probably going to want to snag this one before it sells out ... again.

The most internet-beloved piece of Amazon decor

white teddy tufted storage ottoman

(Image credit: Amazon)

Shoppers, meet the DM Furniture Faux Fur Storage Bench, the Amazon darling of Instagram and TikTok. This chic piece of affordable decor is available in three different colors (though the teddy white is definitely the best one), and has a padded hinged lid that stays open to make decluttering (and, well, cluttering) a breeze. Perfect, especially if you're trying to refresh for the new year.

It's large enough to fit blankets, pillows, and more, and could serve as a seating option, as well. I'd imagine this looking excellent at the foot of a bed in a master bedroom, sitting off the side in an entryway, behind the couch in your living room, and more. With a 4.8/5-star rating, it's no wonder this storage ottoman sold out.

I've been monitoring the price here for a few days and have to say that it has fluctuated; the lowest I've seen it drop is 23% off. It's still quite a good deal at full-price, but if you're hoping for a discount to justify your buy, you could probably wait for a more solid markdown (it's at 13% at the time of this writing) to pull the trigger.

Of course, if this option doesn't quite tickle your fancy — maybe you're not a fan of the white color, or perhaps the bench is too large for your space — there are plenty of other stunning functional decor options on the market. And I've taken the liberty of collecting some of the best ones into a little extra shopping edit for you below. 

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