Valspar's Color of the Year 2024 feels rejuvenating – and it's almost a perfect match for EmRata's chic couch

The paint brand's color pick for 2024 is one that once felt a little dated, but we're seeing crop up more in stylish homes like the one belonging to Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski
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Seafoam green might have you thinking of a sickly pale hue that was loved by grandmas in 80s, but it's having a bit of a revival, and Valspar has just offered up a twist on this shade as the next big color trend for 2024.

Valspar has announced its Color of the Year for next year as "Renew Blue" - a  reimagined seafoam with a touch more blue to create a more modern hue that speaks to what interior designers are doing with color now. 

And we've already spotted this color trend coming through in interior design projects and even in the odd celebrity home. Here's what you need to know about decorating with it. 

valspar color of the year

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Renew Blue is described as a 'balanced blue with a touch of greyed sea-green that focuses on wellness and comfort' by Valspar. Not quite blue, not quite green (and not even teal), it's a color that embraces the softness of these hues, draws on their natural leanings and feels calm, even spa-like, but feels a little less played out than the light blue and sage green paint colors it can easily replace. 

'Sea green has innate calming properties,' Portland-based interior designer Alissa Pulcrano, CEO of Bright Designlab tells us, 'and we deliberately integrated it into many of our palettes for this reason alone.' 

While in one scheme it can feel natural and peaceful, in another it can feel energetic, even creative. In model and presenter Emily Ratajkowski's home, a seafoam couch grounds a scheme that's filled with colorful artworks and objects, proving that it's a color that sits well alongside many other hues.

What colors go well with seafoam? 

an apartment with a bed in the middle of the room

(Image credit: Francis Amiand. Design: Studio Delcourt Architecture)

'When choosing a color to pair with Renew Blue, the choice should be intentional,' says Sue Kim, Valspar’s Director of Color Marketing, 'like an accent wall, wainscoting or stylized ceiling colors.'

'We recommend neutrals - a warm taupe like Valspar Perfect Backdrop is perfect - to balance the cool tones of Renew Blue,' Sue adds. 'Layering in pale tints like a warm grey with Renew Blue helps to create a soothing and relaxing space. Additionally, a striking neutral shade like dark grey allows for an immersive contrast when paired with the airiness of Renew Blue.' 

a living room with a natural color palette

(Image credit: Jared Kuzia. Design: Sashya Thind)

If you're stuck for colors to pair with this seafoam-y blue, then look to nature for palette ideas. 'The inspiration behind using the sea foam color in this space was driven by the landscape seen and experienced outside this home,' explains Boston-based interior designer Sashya Thind, who designed this modern home around a soft palettes of greens and blues. 

'The colors we paired it with here are a dark blue, but in the past, I have also paired rust with sea foam. Blush tones or red would be a great combination as well,' she suggests. This refreshed color direction is perfect for creating a tranquil color palette. As we look to create an environment to recharge and relax in, renew blue is the ideal shade.

The mood of 2024 is moving towards more subtle and versatile colors for our homes. The vibrant paint ideas have had their moment but it is time to embrace a more soothing approach to color in our homes.

3 seafoam blues we love 

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