'Less is More!' — Tyler Cameron's 4 Design Rules for Making a House a Home

The dreamboat 'Bachelorette' star has swapped roses for renovations, and he’s giving designers a run for their money. See how he effortlessly elevates with 4 simple tips

Tyler Cameron
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You likely know Tyler Cameron as the heartthrob from Season 15 of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Now, the reality star is making an unexpected pivot: construction and home renovation. Well — unexpected for us, but it turns out that homes were in Tyler's wheelhouse all along.

Born in Jupiter, Florida, Tyler returned home following the sudden loss of his mother to reconnect with family, but also fulfill a lifelong dream: founding his own construction company. Hence, the aptly named new Prime show, Going Home with Tyler Cameron. Part reality show, part docuseries, it’s a charming concept made even more charming by the reality star himself. To Tyler, ‘home’ is where the heart is, a ‘place of love, where your family and friends can get together and create memories.’

Inevitably when a reality star ventures into new territory, eyebrows will be raised. But one thing about Tyler is that he’s going to make everything look easy, and these modern home renovations are no exception. ‘Renovations are exciting because when everything is complete, you really get to see the progress from start to finish. You can take a space that someone already cherishes and transform it into something that they’ve been dreaming of,’ he muses.

Tyler Cameron

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Tyler’s mantra is less is more. Despite his passion for construction, he won’t push for a massive overhaul if it's not needed — the perfect home is more about crafting those little moments to elevate your everyday.

‘My approach to design always starts with understanding and assessing the current vibe of the house,’ explains Tyler. ‘I always ask myself, what are the characteristics of the house that you can play off of that will lead to a great design? You don’t want to ignore a house’s good bones and design it in a way that makes it something that it is not.’

The following design suggestions don’t reinvent the wheel, but they do remind us to get back to basics. Tyler shared his top tips with Livingetc, proving that sometimes, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. Continue below. 

1. Color, Pattern, and Texture

patterned interior

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After a sleek, monochromatic wave that seemed to linger for ages, Tyler urges not to shy away from embracing color, pattern, or texture on our walls. It ‘can change the entire feeling of a room,’ he insists. While he acknowledges it can be daunting at first, he assures us that ‘the risk is definitely worth the reward.’ 

2. Install Curtains


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Tyler is all about the drama of a curtain. Not only do they add glamour and another layer of color and texture, but curtains will also ‘give the illusion of a higher room,’ he explains — especially when hung from the ceiling.

3. Add Molding


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‘You can elevate a space so much just by adding molding to your walls,’ explains Tyler. It's a simple yet effective way to achieve a high-end look without breaking the bank. While he tailors his projects to his clients' preferences, molding pairs seamlessly with his personal affinity for colonial decor and the cozy charm of a French cottage.

4. Something Black


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Tyler's final tip is brilliantly simple: ‘Always have something black in each room’ he says. ‘Whether that is a piece of furniture, a lamp, or a planter — it always brings the room together. Trust me!’ 

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