Troye Sivan's powder room is painted in an unexpectedly bold color that makes it feel elevated and bijou

The singer and actor says he's almost recognized as much for his home as for his music, as he offers a glimpse into his beautiful home in Melbourne

Troye Sivan
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The first thing that people compliment Troye Sivan on when they see him in the street? His house, he says. The singer and actor's Melbourne property, designed by Australian practice Flack Studio, became a sensation after a high-profile tour a few years ago. And for good reason. 

His modern home is a brilliant mix of contemporary and eclectic - and you get a real sense of Troye's personal style coming through in the space. The singer has just reminded us of some of its best features with an Instagram post announcing his new fragrance brand Tsu Lange Yor. 

In the recent Instagram video, Troye shows us his beautiful house and reveals he’s always wanted to recreate a feeling of being at home wherever he was traveling in the world. Considering he always carries a scented candle in his suitcase, launching this brand comes as no surprise. But it's the scented candle in his home's exterior powder room that really steals the show - a room painted in a color you wouldn't expect for a bathroom. 

How to use red in a bathroom

It's only a fleeting glimpse, but Troye's burgundy-red bathroom stands out from the rest of his bright, light home because of its moody color scheme. With an incredible marble bathroom vanity picking up the red tones, on top of which Troye's burning one of his Tsu Lange Yor scented candles, it's a modern, luxurious scheme - but using this much red in the bathroom isn't for the faint of heart. 

However, Troye's bathroom picks up on all the best designer tricks for making this color feel less intense, and a little more luxurious. Here's how this bathroom gets it right. 

First up, Flack Studio specified a beige marble for the vanity, helping to avoid a stark contrast against any whites in this space. 'If the color palette calls for burgundy paired with white, it is imperative to select a white that is more of a tonal cream color to avoid a sterile, clinical look,' designer Julia Mack tells us. 

As well as choosing the right colors that go with burgundy, when choosing red for a space that you want to feel elevated, the tone is important, too. 'When using red it's important to use the right shade of red,' agree Jenna Choate and Mariana Ugarte, founders of design studio Interior Fox. 'This can easily go Christmas special, so we recommend using muted reds such as burnt sienna or burgundy,' they add. 

And last but not least, Troye's powder embraces the power of color drenching, by painting the ceiling and door in the same stand-out shade. 'Using the same color on the ceiling quite simply draws the eye upwards,' says Katherine Errboe from paint brand File Under Pop. 'It lifts the spirit and creates a whole new space that in many cases is left unused. It adds character and definition to a space and simply creates an element of hygge.' 

It's this element that makes the room feel cozy and cocooning. And while Troye wasn't necessarily looking for a peaceful powder room (he likened it more to a 'nightclub' atmosphere), it's a use of color that makes the room feel expensive and decadent. 

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