Will Samsung's new launch become the must-have smart device of the Summer?

Samsung's The Freestyle is about to make movie nights and picnics in the parks a bit more special

Samsung The Freestyle
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Freestyle debuted at the CES 2022, and already the small, light-weight projector is making headlines ahead of it going on sale (hopefully) later this year. 

The Freestyle is a projector, smart speaker and ambient lighting device all rolled into a sleek, lightweight, portable package. The spotlight design is a world away from the boxy projectors angled at living room walls, or white sheets outside for movie night, and promises to be one of the best new projectors around. 

Weighing just 830 grams, it promises that it can turn any space into a screen with ease. It is powered by a mains plug, but Samsung says you can also use a USB-PD power bank if it has a 50W/20V output or above to take it on the road with you. 

Samsung The Freestyle

(Image credit: Samsung)

It's for that very reason we predict this smart little gadget could be about to take the summer by storm. Whether you're in the park or in a small urban garden, you can turn the table, floor, or walls into a screen.

Most traditional projectors required plugging into the mains, and also a separate screen to achieve a high-quality video. Most would also have limitations on how it could be positioned for optimum viewing. 

However, Samsung claims that the Freestyle uses technology that allows the device to display a perfectly proportional and crystal-clear image on any surface and at any angle.

'The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind projector geared towards ultimate versatility and flexibility to meet the consumers’ changing lifestyles,' said Simon Sung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Sales & Marketing Team of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

'Without the limitation in space and form factor, The Freestyle is a fun and versatile device that can be used in any way consumers prefer.'

Samsung The Freestyle

(Image credit: Samsung)

While the projectors use immediately have our thoughts drifting to make-shift summer movie drive-ins, it also has great potential for helping create an amazing home theatre.

The Freestyle is a great supplement to the best TV or even an alternative. It offers all the same Smart TV features as the Samsung Smart TVs such as built-in streaming services, mirroring, and casting compatible with Android and IOS mobile devices.

It isn't just for watching Netflix, it can also provide mood lighting when it's in ambient mode with the translucent lens cap. The built-in smart speaker can also analyze the music being played to pair it with visual effects projected around the room.

Samsung has announced the The Freestyle with retail at £999 and can be pre-ordered on the Samsung website from the 20th January. After debuting at CES 2022, we have a feeling we're going to be seeing a few of these this Summer.

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