Five design tips to steal from The Dairy, a maximalist mountain sanctuary in Queenstown, New Zealand

The former 'dairy' is now an eclectic hangout with wallpaper from House of Hackney

Dark blue chair overlooking mountains in New Zealand
(Image credit: The Dairy / Naumi Hotels)

There’s maximalist, and then there’s The Dairy – Queenstown’s eclectic new haven, nestled inside a 1920s corner shop. 

From its audacious injection of gingham and chintz to its whimsical wallpaper by Livingetc favorites House of Hackney – The Dairy is brimming with modern home decor ideas that have reset the standard for mountain retreats worldwide. 

The Remarkables mountain peaks may remain out of reach at present – but you can still mirror its quirks in your own interiors. Here are five lessons to get started. 

1. Experiment with wallpaper on your ceiling  

Wallpaper on ceiling in The Dairy

(Image credit: The Dairy / Naumi Hotels)

It’s the wallpaper idea that divides interior enthusiasts, but who can argue against a wallpapered ceiling when it looks this good? Yes, the debate is settled, you heard it here first. While it is possible to embrace maximalism across your four walls, The Dairy prompts you to consider turning to a less conventional wall space to make an unrivaled statement.

This technique allows you to showcase nostalgic prints in a way that looks wholly contemporary – and we have a feeling wallpapered ceilings are here to stay. 

2. Layer chintz on chintz 

Chintz wallpaper and sofa with botanical printed pillows

(Image credit: The Dairy / Naumi Hotels)

The allure of chintz needs no introduction. This botanical print has already sparked excitement across the interiors world, but The Dairy has given us an ever more maximalist way to showcase the craze. 

Instead of opting for a single chintz statement – be that a printed chair or feature mural – the hotel has layered its prints to create an overflow of pattern that is not for the faint of heart. 

When layering chintz, it can be easy to make a space feel too cluttered. However, if you stick to a similar color scheme (as shown above) and remember to leave a breathing space somewhere in the room, you’ll be on track to create a maximalist utopia in your home.

3. Interrupt a botanical scheme with gingham  

Gingham sofa in a maximalist living room

(Image credit: The Dairy / Naumi Hotels)

Chintz and botanical prints may have set interior design trends this year, but gingham wasn’t too far behind. This chequerboard pattern has become a firm designer favorite over the summer season, but The Dairy has just rewritten our autumnal living room ideas to bring the print into a more moody setting. 

Plus, while gingham is a trend in its own right, we can’t help but admire how its black and white hues interrupt the hotel’s floral prints and bring a sense of balance to the wider scheme. 

4. Source authentic home decor pieces 

Maximalist wallpaper with authentic accessories on a wooden shelf

(Image credit: The Dairy / Naumi Hotels)

With a history dating back to the jazz age, The Dairy is the exemplary palette for vintage accessories, as shown above. Filled with early twentieth-century trinkets, photographs, and antique finds, designers Naumi Hotels, have accentuated the property’s rich history to remind guests of its heritage – and its treasured place amid Queenstown’s village. 

The Dairy prompts you to bring your home’s roots to the forefront of your scheme by sourcing local decor pieces that celebrate your postcode, from artworks to decorative kitchenware – your interior’s future stems from the past. 

5. Accessorize, the Athena Calderone way

Athena Calderone inspired vase in The Dairy

(Image credit: The Dairy / Naumi Hotels)

It’s no secret that Athena Calderone is a home decor extraordinaire, especially when it comes to vases. Athena is synonymous with her minimalistic floral arrangements that are hard to resist. For, even The Dairy’s maximalist scheme has succumbed to her influence. 

Here, the hotel uses her technique to gather decorative branches in large vintage vases, in a nod to the sublimely natural landscape beyond its four walls. It’s the interior design idea your home desires. 

More information is available via Naumi Hotels

Megan Slack

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