5 design tips from The Beverly Hills Hotel's new poolside – to mirror its peachy-pink aesthetic in your garden

Designer Alexandra Champalimaud curated a stripy paradise that celebrates quintessential Hollywood glamor – here's how to echo its style

The Beverly Hills Hotel poolside with swimming pool and palm trees
(Image credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel)

Just when you thought The Beverly Hills Hotel couldn't look any more glamorous, designer Alexandra Champalimaud elevated its iconic exteriors to new heights. The New York-based designer traveled west to the 'Pink Palace' – a staple for starlets and silver-screen legends – to create a blushing pink poolside area that pays homage to Hollywood's golden age. 

Champalimaud Design created 11 new poolside cabanas filled with vibrant treasures – from rattan chairs to pink banana-leaf wallpaper. With all its candy-cotton hues and bold printed statements, The Beverly Hills Hotel has reshaped our pool ideas – even if the LA sun isn't guaranteed. Here are five style tips to get started. 

1. Inject nostalgia with a timeless stripe print 

The Beverly Hills Hotel stripe sun loungers and cabanas

(Image credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel)

Perhaps the most prominent feature from the new poolside is the pink and white stripes that grace the sun loungers and awnings. While this pastel-toned combination effortlessly fits alongside this contemporary poolside, stripes have allured sun worshipers since the 1930s when this pattern kissed parasols on either side of the Atlantic. And when the result looks this good, we expect the pattern's charm is unlikely to waver. 

Follow Champalimaud's lead and bless your poolside or garden with this quintessential design – whether through a sweeping parasol or a simple cushion – all that matters is that you embrace the stripe. 

2. Bring Botanics back outside  

The Beverly Hills Hotel

(Image credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel)

While it is natural to overindulge in stripes, remember to save some room for another vibrant print – in the shape of beautiful Botanics. Chintz wallpaper may have taken over our interiors throughout this sunny season, but The Beverly Hills Hotel has given us every excuse to bring these audacious prints back into their natural habitat. 

Whether you bring your wallpaper outside or opt for a more subtle showcase of leafy goodness, their pink Martinique banana leaf wallpaper (made by CW Stockwell) has just reshaped our modern garden ideas

3. Zone the poolside  

The Beverly Hills Hotel

(Image credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel)

Open-plan may have enjoyed years at the peak of the garden design industry, but their time may be coming to an end. Though, of course, The Beverly Hills Hotel knew this already. 

Champalimaud used stylish cabanas to interrupt the space and create zones that act as outdoor living rooms along the poolside. These cabanas introduce privacy and continue the glamour of the hotel's interiors to the outside – thus blurring the boundaries between the two spaces. Needless to say, we're willing to join the fling with the broken-plan concept. 

4. Choose hedge plants with a stylish twist 

The Beverly Hills Hotel

(Image credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel)

The Beverly Hills Hotel just made the hedge the chic plant your garden needs – but their plants are far from conventional. While hedges are a staple of many exteriors, the hotel has taken the plant to a new unorthodox level by twisting the plant into a sophisticated contemporary design to create a focal point beyond the pool. The twisting spirals add a hint of recency to your poolside whilst making a creative statement you never knew your exteriors needed.

5. Indulge in terrazzo furnishings 

The Beverly Hills Hotel

(Image credit: The Beverly Hills Hotel)

The most famous example of Terrazzo may be a 15-minute hop at the Hollywood Hall of Fame, but the most stylish use of this iconic material is found poolside at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Take modern home decor ideas by pairing Terrazzo with rattan and dusty pink decor to curate a 1970s inspired setting on your terrace or at the fringe of your pool.  If the Beverly Hills Hotel agrees, we have no choice but to bring this aesthetic to our gardens at the next available opportunity. 

The Beverly Hills Hotel is located at 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. More information is available via their website.  

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