This 9-foot extension cord is so pretty you won’t want to hide it, and professional organizers love it too

In need of extra outlets? These long extension cables can double as part of your decor

a colorful living room with yellow curtains
(Image credit: Michael Wells. Design: Davide Casaroli)

Messy extension cables are a huge eyesore, but they still feature in most of our homes. In our modern age, our rooms typically require more outlets than are actually available meaning unsightly cords become a necessary evil. Still, bundles of white plastic cables snaking around your skirting are one of the first things that professional organizers notice in a home. 

You may have tried to hide extension cords behind furniture, squeeze them into wall raceways, or group them into specialist boxes, but they ultimately still remain somewhat visible. Really, it's impossible to hide them completely, so why not put them on full display instead? We've found some beautiful braided extension cords that are so colorful that they can easily become part of your decor, be it your living room or bedroom design. We always love any device that pairs style and function, which is why we're convinced you'll want to introduce one of these into your home.

Most of us rely on at least one extension cable in our homes, and they become more of a necessity as we head into the Christmas period. Whether they're powering your Christmas tree lights or simply offering a way to reach outlets tucked behind your living room sofa, sometimes extension leads can't be avoided. 

'While cables and extension cords can be a source of clutter, there are creative solutions and design-forward options available to help keep them organized and seamlessly integrated into your space,' says Michael Gottron, professional organizer at Germicidal Maids. Without rewiring your whole home, you won't ever be able to hide your extension cords completely so, as Michael suggests, your next best bet is to get creative with them. And we've found just the way to do it with these colorful braided extensions cords. 

More often than not, extension cables are both too short and too unsightly, but these clever cords have the solution to both of these downfalls. Measuring at least six feet long and braided in a series of complementary colors, they're the best alternative we've found to ugly plastic extenders. Not only will they easily reach along an entire wall of your room, but they'll also look good while doing it.

Looking for designs, styles, and colors that fit seamlessly into your home will help them blend in, reducing the look of clutter. 'Some extension cables come in stylish and well-designed options,' says Michael. 'Fabric-covered extension cords (like these, from Amazon) can blend seamlessly with home decor, offering a more elegant and intentional look.' For extra large rooms, these braided options from Amazon also come in a 12-foot-long option so you can trail them anywhere you need some extra outlets. Just remember it's a good idea to tape them to your floor or fix them to your wall to avoid any trip hazards. 

There are many ways to organize cords, but finding one you don't need to hide removes the need for them completely! Find a color and aesthetic that works for your home and show off your extension cables once and for all. There has never been a more stylish way to power your home.

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