This Spanish-Tuscan vacation home is designed to look like a Greek Temple, with an industrial twist

This modernist mountain hangout is a style lover's utopia. Here are five lessons we're mirroring in our homes

Spronken House open-plan living space
(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

Hidden amongst Castellon hills's almond and olive groves, merely 30 minutes from the fringe of the Mediterranean Sea, you uncover Spronken House – the catalyst of our interior design dreams. 

Dutch artist Xander Spronken designed Spronken House as a pair of vacation homes that ooze the ancient aesthetic of a Greek temple – with a raw industrial ambiance that stands as a curated nod to the contemporary day. 

Despite its title, Spronken House is less of a house, and more of a sculpture, where you can spend the night under the Eastern Spanish stars. Though, until you make tracks in the mountains, you can steal five modern home decor ideas that will recreate its painfully stylish aesthetic in your interiors. 

1. Accentuate your location with minimalist decor

Spronken House bedroom with minimalist decor

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

When your view looks this good, how do you compete? Follow Spronken House's lead and keep all furnishings minimalistic, thus putting all emphasis on your home's natural asset. 

While we can't all awake to verdant views across the Castellon hills, the home prompts us to frame the best of our location and ensure it is at the forefront of our interiors without any competition. Plus, when minimalist decor looks continually chic, we have no problem keeping things stripped back. 

2. All good things come in threes 

Spronken House kitchen with three light fixtures

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

Three is the magic number, so experiment with its supernatural power just as Spronken House has demonstrated in the kitchen. In creating a trio of beautifully placed fixtures, the home encourages you to gather your lights, ornaments, and plants in threes, then relax and let the magic take control. The timelessness of this trio will never go out of style, so invest in those extra features until you reach the trinity. 

3. Coincide your curtains with your bed linen 

Spronken House bedroom with white cotton curtains

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

While thoughts of matching your curtains to your duvet may feel outdated, Spronken House has just brought it right into the modern day. Yes, this setting has rewritten our rustic bedroom ideas by pairing the white duvet with crisp white curtains that create an airy, almost angelic flow throughout the room. It's a style we never thought we'd rush to recreate, but yet, here we are.  

4. Curate contrasts through architectural features 

Spronken House staircase

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

Spronken House's neutral color scheme is among its most prominent features, but we're equally admiring the stark contrast between the soft palette and bold architectural features. 

The dark chocolate-hued stairs create a juxtaposition between the subtly kissed walls that showcase soft creamy tones in the Spanish sunlight. This creates a stylish balance between the light and dark without investing in monochromatic furnishings. 

5. Continue your scheme to your exteriors  

Spronken House kitchen leading onto the terrace

(Image credit: Welcome Beyond)

While it is no secret that the lines between indoor and outdoor living continue to feel blurred, Spronken House epitomizes this trend by continuing the interior scheme into the outside space. 

Here, the industrial kitchen flooring spans beyond the windows and onto the terrace, and the statement pillars stand in formation with those inside the home. You can mirror this flow by continuing your interior color scheme onto your balcony or decking and filling your outdoor space with the same plants that you treasure in your home. It's the future of modern garden ideas, and we're indulging in its stylish splendor for the rest of summer. 

For more information, visit Welcome Beyond who offers weekly rates at Spronken House from €2,600/$3,069, based on six people sharing.

Megan Slack

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