These are the Shades That Will Feature in 2024's Most Stylish Kitchens, According to Experts at Sherwin-Williams

Discover what color to paint your kitchen next year if you want to be bang on trend

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The color of your kitchen says a lot about you, and it's a huge decision. This is a color you will spend hours looking at and will likely have for years to come, so making such a big decision shouldn't be taken lightly. The question is, what should you choose? 

Color plays a huge role in the creation of your dream modern kitchen. Color experts are constantly searching for new shades to create the most gorgeous spaces. In kitchens, this process requires much more consideration since we tend not to decorate this room as much as other spaces. The kitchen is the heart of most homes so it must look great, but it also needs to be practical, appropriate, and complement other features such as countertops and appliances. 

To help you decide on the perfect on-trend shade that promises to look good for years to come, we spoke to the color experts at Sherwin-Williams who revealed their top kitchen paint colors for 2024. Here's what you need to know. 

What are Sherwin Williams' top kitchen colors of 2024?

Picking a paint color for any room can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the kitchen. This is why we appreciate this comprehensive list put together by Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Here she's sharing her top kitchen color ideas for 2024 so homeowners can give some TLC to the room they plan on using the most. 

1.  Naval SW 6244

'If you’re starting with a blank canvas and your kitchen is completely white, add this deep blue hue to cabinets to fully transform the space into a coastal-chic oasis,' says Sue. 'If you want to go one step further to achieve this vibe, include some wooden accents as well!'

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2. Pewter Green SW 6208

According to Sue, this cool green shade is perfect for turning your kitchen into a down-to-earth yet elegant room. 'Dark yet calming, it is ideal for a kitchen since it complements natural elements like wood and metal very well,' she says. 

3. Skyline Steel SW 1015

'This delightfully warm stone gray is a great choice for homeowners looking for a neutral and clean look in the kitchen but are still looking to incorporate some depth and a touch of color,' notes Sue. 'Especially since it pairs wonderfully with warm whites!' 

4. Carnelian SW 7580 

To add some drama and mystery into a kitchen, Sue recommends this warming color. 'This deep saturated violet with warm red undertones is a beautiful choice for the kitchen,' she says. 'Don’t be afraid of this bolder choice, since it’s easy to pair with clean neutrals, thanks to a muted tone.'

5. Shoji White SW 7042

For a timeless feel, go for a neutral. 'You can’t go wrong with this warm and creamy white shade that borders on greige to create the ultimate clean kitchen look, while still keeping it a little bit cozy thanks to its warmth,' explains Sue. 

Why do these shades speak to 2024?

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While these colors are all gorgeous in their own right, they also speak to the design shift we're observing in the industry. We asked Sue to explain more about how people will be picking paint colors this year. 'Homeowners are shifting this year into adding more personality and creativity into their homes, especially in kitchens,' she says.

Minimalism has dominated the past few years in kitchen design, but the all-white look is to be left in 2023. 'We’re going to see a shift from all-white kitchens and seeing the space as only for cooking and storing food, into a space for entertainment and self-reflection where they can add in more color to reflect that,' says Sue. 'This doesn’t necessarily mean homeowners will go towards bright and bold colors; it could mean adding a warm white or a greige that will still add personality to the space!'

Dark and moody is another kitchen trend Sue says we should expect to see more of in the coming year. 'Another trend we’re forecasting for 2024 is homeowners going towards both ends of the spectrum between brights and darks,' she says. For an ultra-daring look, choose a deep aubergine or a brooding brown. 

How should we be using these colors in 2024?

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If you aren't planning a full-scale kitchen reno you can still make full use of these shades. One of the easiest ways to update a kitchen is by giving the cabinets a lick of paint. 'They add the perfect touch of color without having to paint the actual walls,' says Sue. It's an element of the kitchen you can DIY too. 'The best product for flawless-looking kitchen cabinets is Sherwin-Williams Gallery Series Waterborne Topcoat,' says Sue. 'It provides a durable, professional-grade finish, and is by far our most recommended product for kitchen remodels.'

What combinations will be big for 2024?

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These colors aren't just to be used in isolation, either. Sue has suggested a few combinations that will make it big for 2024, and they're bound to suit any space. 'One combination I’m excited to see, especially in kitchens, is the use of Naval SW 6244, a warm creamy white like Shoji White SW 7042 and our 2024 Color of the Year, Upward SW 6239,' she says. 'This specific combination creates the perfect coastal chic vibe, which we think will be the new it-trend in 2024, and it looks great in kitchens.'

There are so many options when it comes to kitchen color, we hope that this has given you a few ideas to recreate in your home. Whether you desire a minimalist kitchen or something more coastal chic, there's a shade out there to suit your style.

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