Interior expert reveals Scandi storage tip that is almost too stylish to be practical

Begin your spring cleaning with this chic designer-approved storage advice

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There is nothing particularly fashionable about storage, or at least, there wasn’t, until now. This season, stylish storage has never felt more accessible, thanks to the expert tips from Peter Erlandsson. The Scandinavian home decor expert and Co-Founder and Director of String has shared how to maximize your space in any sized room through his one foolproof secret: Modular shelving

Is this simple furnishing really the secret to an elegant but nonetheless organized home? According to Peter, the only thing between you and the seamless storage system of your dreams is the ‘coolest DIY project you’ll ever do.’ 

Shelf storage by String, storage tips

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‘Modular, open shelving provides a great way to fit storage into small spaces. The best thing about modular furniture is that it really can be installed anywhere,’ Peter began.

He then shared his top tips to consider while planning your new shelf storage system - including some all-important advice in preserving your modern home decor. 

Sophisticated shelving in any space: 

The designer encourages us to consider how to craft our shelving system to fit somewhat effortlessly into any sized setting. 

Shelf storage tips by String

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‘Shelves of various depths and colors can be quickly repositioned so you can build your own personal system to fit any space. Make your walls your best friend – introducing a String system means your walls are a valuable resource when it comes to storage.’ Peter then continued, focusing specifically on the importance of storage in a small home, where shelves could have the potential to deter from other space-enlarging tips and tricks.

‘In a small home, it’s great to be able to change the design once in a while. There is an age-old doctrine of using light colors on walls to make your home look bigger. This is true, and your shelves need not detract from this. Using minimal materials, String ensures your walls aren’t totally covered,’ Peter shares.

Shelf storage by String

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Combine trendy style with functionality:  

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While finding a successful storage solution is important, the shelf’s appearance is equally a priority, as Peter emphasizes: ‘Use a mix of open shelving and cabinet styles to create a display unit that is flexible enough to hide the things you don’t want on show.’ 

‘Also, make sure your shelving is deep enough to store your belongings but narrow enough that it doesn’t compromise your precious square-footage,’ Peter adds. 

We never thought we’d be this excited about shelves, but we’ve found a Scandinavian storage solution that is guaranteed to make our interiors look instantly chicer. Seriously, what’s not to love?

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