Pamela Anderson's Banquette Seating Makes a Case for Cozy Kitchens, and it's Offset With a Dazzling Detail Experts Love

Rustic charm meets modern elegance in Pamela's chic dining nook

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For years, Pamela Anderson represented everything associated with Hollywood glitz and glamor. These days, however, Pam has embraced a far more humble way of life. Everything from her make-up-free red carpet appearances to her gardening venture on Vancouver Island points to a slower, more modest lifestyle, and her interior design choices are no exception.

Pamela often offers us a glimpse inside her whimsical, countrified home over on Instagram. In her latest post she shared a shot of her comforting homemade soup, but it wasn't the vegetable broth that had us drooling - instead, it was her rustic banquette seating.

The cozy dining nook looks like something straight from a fairytale, and it's convinced us that charming, down-to-earth dining is the way to go. Here, we asked experts how to replicate the look, and they noted how one particular dazzling detail elevates the entire vignette to create a kitchen diner fit for a movie star.

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Banquette seating has been one of the biggest kitchen trends of recent years. The intimate dining idea grew out of a move toward more convivial kitchens, and while we're used to seeing fresh and modern iterations from designers and celebrities alike, Pamela's rustic take feels so calming and comforting we're sure it will be a coveted look.

A distressed farmhouse-style dining table takes center stage, accompanied by cornered bench seating upholstered with neutral linen slipcovers and matching throw pillows. To play up the vintage feel, sheer curtains hang in the windows while a chunky woven jute rug lies beneath to ground the space. With the table laid with her soup and sourdough (no doubt homemade), Pam's space feels magically whimsy.

'Stepping into Pamela Anderson's kitchen is like entering a serene oasis where rustic charm meets modern elegance,' explains interior designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'At the heart of Pamela's kitchen is a rectangular rustic wood table, its rich texture beautifully contrasted by sleek arched wood chairs on one side. The banquette’s base, crafted from shiplap, adds farmhouse charm, perfectly blending with the overall rustic aesthetic.'

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To offset the old-timey feel, a contemporary panther portrait fills the wall, but there's another, more sophisticated detail that designers say elevates the whole look with a hint of luxury.

'Above the table, a crystal chandelier hangs with grace, its elegant design promising a soft glow to enhance the room's warmth,' notes Nina. 'What stands out in Pamela’s kitchen is its perfect balance between rustic charm and modern elegance. The use of natural materials like wood and jute adds warmth and texture, while the crystal chandelier and dramatic artwork introduce a sophisticated edge.'

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Cozy kitchen seating has been born out of our desire for more comfortable, convivial dining spaces. Laidback and far from lavish, these spaces have an informality to them that's perfect for family life, and are a common design element in the likes of cafecore kitchens and the trend for 'kitsch' styling.

'Its space-saving design makes it ideal for kitchens of all sizes, providing ample seating without the need for bulky chairs,' adds Nina. 'Banquettes create a communal atmosphere, perfect for casual meals, family gatherings, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. Their versatility allows for customized upholstery and pillows, adding personal style and comfort.'

While Pamela's space has a certain earthy quality to it that doesn't quite ooze the same level of comfort, it feels warm and welcoming nonetheless. 'However, one might consider the predominance of neutral tones and textures,' Nina points out. 'While soothing, some might prefer a splash of color or more varied textures to break up the monochromatic scheme.' Pamela does so with a vase of red roses prominently displayed on the table, but we'd also suggest details like a tablecloth or colorful vase to play into the cottagecore trend.

'Pamela Anderson's rustic banquette seating is a perfect example of how combining different elements — natural materials, elegant fixtures, and personal touches — can create a space that is both beautiful and welcoming,' Nina summarises. 'Cozy kitchen seating areas are a top priority for designers today, and Pamela's kitchen exemplifies why this trend is here to stay.'

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