6 Brand New Design Trends Our Editors Spotted This Week in Paris — "They Make Spaces Feel Elegant and Cozy"

At Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off, many of the world's best brands are launching new collections. Here's what has caught our editors' eyes and is setting the trends

white curved sofa in historic space
The Invisible Collection's furniture launch, seen by our deputy editor Ellen Finch
(Image credit: Future)

The world's design press - and all of Livingetc's senior editors - have descended upon Paris, France this week for Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off 2024. An annual celebration of new decor and furniture launches, the city feels alive with possibility, jolting us out of any lingering January blues with bursts of color, creativity and a host of fresh new trends.

'This year, more than ever, there has been a vitality to what we've seen,' says Livingetc's deputy editor Ellen Finch. 'An intricacy to the detail in fabrics, they way they're woven or treated or colored that we've never had before. It has led to some really dyamic new interior design trends that I expect to see a lot of in 2024, and fit with the way we expect people to be decorating. These approaches add character, make spaces feel elegant and warm and cozy. How right they are for this year.'

Read on to discover the biggest trends our editors have spotted, and get ready for a year of design positivity.

1. Woven gold

tai ping rugs

Tai Ping x Callidus Guild collaboration, unveiled for the first time in Tai Ping's Paris showroom 

(Image credit: Future)

At Tai Ping, I was enamored by the woven gold that flecked through the new rugs and carpets designed in collaboration with fine artist Yolande Milan Batteau of Callidus Guild. Over two years in the making, and best known for wall coverings, this a mix of rust and silver colored backings provide a base for woven gold to stretch across them luxuriously.

This seems like a move on from the minimaluxe trend of last year, layering an extra element of luxe on top of the aesthetic - minimaluxe luxe, perhaps?! It helps to elevate schemes and make them look even more refined - I've also seen gold flecks start to appear on white linen sofas. Decadent and rich. 

2. Camo green as the new green

Lanai wall covering by Arte

Puna 81544 mural from the Lanai Collection by Arte on the walls

(Image credit: Arte)

As a color trend, green is going nowhere in 2024. It remains a shorthand for calming spaces that help make us restful when we need them too, and yet can invigorate us, too. But a subtle shift away from the sages and pistachios that dominated last year comes with the emergence of camo green, seen on this textured wallcovering by Belgian brand Arte

"It's only a small shift away from what we've seen before, but the effect of camo green is quite different," says Livingetc.com editor Hugh Metcalf. "When I saw Puna on the walls of the Arte showroom I felt transported to balmy nights, tropical leaves, sipping drinks on a verandah. There's nothing of the countryside to this shade, and it's all the more enlivening because of it."

3. Jungle 2.0

mural in a living room

Capricorn wallpaper in Boringdon by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

And look, more camo green! This time in this move-on of the banana leaf print that was huge 10 years ago, now a beguilingly layered jungle theme that is a true work of art. Created by Little Greene, a much loved British paint and wallpaper brand who launched in the US last year, it turns even the most urban of spaces into a lush wonderland. 

"The jungle motif looks set to be a big wallpaper trend this year," says Livingetc deputy editor Ellen Finch. "I particularly like what I saw at Little Greene - the Capricorn design is a work of art at which I could stare for hours. There is so much going on, but best of all is the way the colors work together. We know there are plenty of colors that go with green, but it's these hints of pinks, blues and yellows that pair so perfectly and exactly with camo green.'

4. 3D Fabrics

3d fabric

Stitched detailing in relief, spotted at Elitis

(Image credit: Future)

Nothing makes a fabric even more tactile, and therefore a room even more cosseting to be in, than making it in 3D. 'I couldn't help but want to touch everything at [French brand] Elitis,' says Ellen Finch, who snapped this intricately beaded fabric, above. Beads were sewn on in a way I've not seen high end decor brands do before, and the result was am haute handmade vibe that seems to almost wrap you up.'

She suggests using this approach for sofa pillows rather than sofa fabrics. 'I woudn't want to lie back and relax on it,' she says. 'But I'd feel super calm while stroking or playing with it on a pillow.'

5. Small striped repeats

striped fabric

Some of Kit Kemp's new fabrics for GP&J Baker

(Image credit: Future)

Hugh Metcalf was very taken with British designer Kit Kemp (who is behind Manahattan's Whitby Hotel) and her new collaboration with GP&J Baker. A riot of  new prints, wallpapers and linen, the color palette is set to joyful and an almost childlike glee.

"I found it all really uplifting," Hugh says, having taken the shot, above. "But what jumped out to me was the use of small stripes as a repeat. It seems like a really liveable and non-scary way of adding a bold pattern to a home. It won't overwhelm you, and goes with everything."

6. Decorative outdoor furniture

outdoor furniture with fringed cushions

(Image credit: Samuel & Sons)

According to furniture and textile brands showcasing outdoor designs, color and more decorative finishes are what we can expect to see in our yards this summer.

"I spotted a few instances of increasingly bolder approach to outdoor design that goes to show the strides we're making with outdoor performance materials and fabrics," says Hugh. "Probably the best example is something like Samuel & Sons Oceanside collection, which is a series of indoor/outdoor trims that can be used to adorn your patio furniture's cushions and pillows to elevate them from basic to beautiful, and which has launched in some new styles and colorways."

Pip Rich

The editor of Livingetc, Pip Rich (formerly Pip McCormac) is a lifestyle journalist of almost 20 years experience working for some of the UK's biggest titles. As well as holding staff positions at Sunday Times Style, Red and Grazia he has written for the Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times and ES Magazine. The host of Livingetc's podcast Home Truths, Pip has also published three books - his most recent, A New Leaf, was released in December 2021 and is about the homes of architects who have filled their spaces with houseplants.  He has recently moved out of London - and a home that ELLE Decoration called one of the ten best small spaces in the world - to start a new renovation project in Somerset.