Moving house checklist: how to transition to your new home in style

This moving house checklist comes straight from the industry experts, so you can move house in the most fashionable way possible

moving house checklist
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Starting life in a new home has a notorious reputation, and a moving house checklist is essential for getting it right. The process is frequently labeled as one of the most stressful experiences we all face in our lifetime- many of us, often more than once. While any moving experience brings its challenges, the worry of transporting luxury goods introduces yet another headache to the removal process. 

Designer goods, Persian rugs, and valuable artworks are among the possessions you would normally protect at all costs, but how can you ensure these items arrive at your new home without worry? Is there any way of moving without the headache? 

We've spoken to some of the most luxurious removal companies in the business to find out. 

moving house checklist

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1. Rugs 

A rug has the power to transform any room, but this statement piece often comes at a price. Suzanne from Move In Style, who has assisted Liv Tyler, and countless high-net-worth families with their relocations, shared her tips for transporting rugs that are "real pieces of art." 

'Rugs are, very often, the last thing that is rolled up, as it's better to remove the furniture and other contents first,' she says. 'Equally, they are the first item to be laid out, so it's important to pack them well. When you get to the new house, you must remember to give the room a clean to get rid of all the dust mites, then roll them out flat so that the ends aren't compromised.'

moving house checklist

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Furthermore, Lee from Leicester Movers & Storers, who specializes in designer removals nationwide, emphasized the importance of packing your Persian rug correctly. 

'We advise rolling the rug with the top of the rug facing on the inside,' he says. 'After the rug has been rolled up with the decorative end facing inwards, the rug should be covered in a non-adhesive wrap followed by cardboard tubing. This protects the rug from bending and makes it unsusceptible to discoloring in the unlikely event of any water getting inside.'

 2. Art 

The prospect of removing, transporting, and then recreating your gallery wall can feel overwhelming, especially if your art collection is particularly precious. However, with the right paperwork, your home gallery should be back up and running smoothly in your new property before your (post-pandemic) housewarming party.  

Moving tips for removing art to a new home

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Lee shared, 'Moving fine art can be a tricky business. Some insurance companies won't cover certain items, and you may need to shop around for the best price and coverage. Most removal companies ask for a 'declaration of worth,' which requires written proof of value from a relevant authority.' 

'If the art doesn't come with this, then it is unlikely you will be covered. Most home removal companies will have hardshell casing already built by a specialist supplier for the various sizes- this will help protect your fine art.'

 3. Lingerie 

A well-dressed lingerie drawer is the epitome of any dressing room and is often home to some of your most intimate and expensive possessions. It is, therefore, only appropriate they are packaged in a way that respects their value, as Suzanne from Move In Style explains.

Moving tips for luxury furniture

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'You go into some clients' houses, and their underwear drawer is beautiful. You don't want to pick them up and throw them into a box. My team will dress them in tissue paper and line the boxes, so they are packed with thought, love, and attention. Sometimes it's just having a careful touch.'

4. Handbags  

In the same way that lingerie and other pieces of designer clothing need to be stored correctly, Poppy from Organised Interiors offered her tips to current movers on transporting luxury handbags. 

'Now's the time to empty your handbags of all items and clean the exteriors. You can also fill your handbags with packing paper to ensure they keep their shape during the move. By taking these steps, you'll have the peace of mind that your bags will arrive damage-free and ready to be displayed in a way that truly brings you joy.'

5. Jewellery

Jewellery has a particular habit of becoming entangled without even leaving the drawer, so moving to a new location can be enough to leave you detangling your jewels for days.  

moving house checklist

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Though, this painstaking process can be avoided with help from Poppy, who asks you to 'consider packing jewelry into a container with small compartments, such as a pillbox. This keeps every item separate, avoids tangled chains, and prevents scratches.'

6. Delicate china and heirlooms

Among all of the possessions in your home, your beloved china set has the greatest potential to end up in pieces at the end of your move. You can, however, prevent any breakages with extra safety precautions, as Lee explains.

moving house checklist

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'Packing delicate china, crockery, and various family heirlooms on moving day requires more thought than one may envisage. Always make sure boxes are appropriate for the items you are packing. Rigidity and no movement inside the box are key. Selecting different types and thicknesses of wrapping paper can be the difference between a breakage.' 

'Offcuts or chip paper is very thick and can cover crockery very well, usually with just one sheet. Tissue paper is better for delicate champagne flutes or thin glasses but not suitable for china.'

7. Home media system 

If you're accustomed to enjoying your morning espresso whilst immersed in your favorite playlist or TV show, then your first job on arrival into your new home will involve setting up your media system. 

This process can be entirely effortless if you take note of the positioning of your system before leaving your old home, as Poppy suggested:

'Before you unplug the cables from the back of your TV, take a photo of the existing set-up, or better still, label each cable to ensure that you can swiftly set up your electronics at the other end. Less time spent fiddling with cables means more time to spend organizing other items, so they are functional and aesthetically pleasing.'  

moving house checklist

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8. Escape the moving process

Moving house wouldn't seem quite as stressful if you faced the process with a margarita in hand, from a sun-drenched lounger on an island far away. Thanks to companies such as Organised Interiors, and Move-In Style, you can oversee your next big move from a yacht in the Balearic's, a château in the Provence, or anywhere you choose, while they up your new home ready for your return. 

moving house checklist

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'Take a moment and imagine this – you pack a suitcase for a mini-break, you go away and have a lovely relaxing holiday with your family, and when you come back, you return to your new home. What are you met with? You're met with a beautifully organized house, with systems for maintaining this in the future. The beds are made, there's milk in the fridge, and the only thing you have to unpack is your suitcase.' shared Poppy, who understands the stress of moving, after relocating 16 times in 10 years.

Somebody moves your house whilst you detox thousands of miles away? We'll raise a glass to that.

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