Kourtney Kardashian’s vanity mirror is brilliantly supersized, but experts reveal it's missing a trick

It looks great on social media, but for a vanity table to be practical, you might not want to follow Kourtney's lead on this one

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A make-up vanity is one of those design elements that can make a real feature in your dressing room or bedroom. It looks good photographed, looks great in a selfie, and helps you to look your best, too. While practical, they're considered more of a luxury item, so it makes sense that celebrities opt for the most picture-perfect vanities in their dreamy dressing rooms. Last week we were given a peak of Kourtney Kardashian’s in one of her most recent Instagram posts, and while the supersized mirror is perfectly placed in front of her window for plenty of natural light, experts say it's still missing a trick. 

Celebs might go above and beyond to have the latest and most beautiful designs, and Kourntey’s vanity features a huge oversized mirror that's the envy of all of us. Stand far enough back and you can probably see yourself head to toe. But, as amazing as it looks, I was curious to know if it’s a look worth copying, or if it’s one of those things that looks great in pictures but doesn’t work as well in reality. To find out, a design expert tells me the trick to a vanity mirror that's not just a showpiece for your dressing room, but one that actually delivers in terms of practicality.

I have to admit, I did have design envy with this one. Kourtney’s make-up vanity looks pretty impressive, and it’s the mirror above all else that steals the show. Impressively oversized with lighting to match, it looks like it can’t get any better than this, right? After all, these are the Kardashians we're talking about. 

Well, not quite. There's actually more to a functional dressing table than the size of the mirror, and interior designer Ami McKay goes through the checklist. ‘For a vanity table, I would have two mirrors,' she says. 'One larger one on the wall to see your overall look and for drying hair etc, and one on an extendable arm swivel, or on a stand that is magnified for doing close-ups. This can then be brought closer to the face if needed.' 

So, in spite of Kourtney’s efforts on size and lighting, her vanity table is missing a trick - a smaller magnifying mirror. Now that Ami’s drawn attention to it, I realize it's a must. I'm certainly still inspired by the extra large size of the main mirror bordered by its bright lighting, but I'll definitely be adding a smaller one to my tabletop for a vanity table design that will be even better than celebrity standards. 

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