Kim Kardashian's Walk-In Closet Features a Chic Clothes Rail That Can Save Space and Reduce Clutter

Functionality may not be at the forefront of the reality star's design plans, but her method for hanging clothes could have a huge practical benefit in your own home

A headshot of Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala
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Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian is always ahead of the game. Be it her fashion choices or her clean interior design style, she has a cult of admirers who love her chic looks. For those people, her walk-in closet - or should we say closets - offers a wealth of fashion inspiration, but it's her method of hanging her clothes that recently caught our attention.

Showing off some new garments in a recent Instagram post aptly captioned 'fitting files', it was her clothes rail that we couldn't take our eyes off. Sleek and streamlined, it's so simple but revolutionary in its own right. And while her priority was likely aesthetics over functionality, professional organizers say it has some great practical benefits, too. If you want to save space and reduce clutter with your closet organization, it's worth taking a leaf out of Kim K's book.

Freestanding clothes rails feature in many of our homes. Whether you lack space for a built-in closet idea or you need extra space for clothes storage, rails are the remedy. Useful though they may be, however, they're not the most stylish addition to your home. Bulky stands can be unsightly and their clunky shape can take up a lot of space.

You won't encounter these problems in Kim's closet, though. Thanks to a wall-mounted clothes rail, her clothing collection looks seriously chic, and the sleek design has an industrial feel that looks straight from the set of a fashion shoot (which it technically is). By taking the railing off the floor and onto the wall, there's plenty of floor space below to improve airflow and minimize visual clutter, despite her clothes being on display.

'A wall-mounted clothes rail design is a perfect way to streamline a walk-in closet, neatly organizing hanging items while keeping the floor below clear, available, and usable,' notes Elana Mendelson of Elana Designs. 'It works best for those who prefer to hang all of their clothing off of their floors vs. hanging some and folding others on shelves that either sit directly on the floor or are mounted onto the walls, as well.'

Professional organizer Melissa Gugni also notes how sleek and minimal Kim's dressing room looks. 'There's an organizing philosophy that says to consider making your closet look like a beautiful boutique that you love to "shop" from every day, and unsurprisingly Kim K has taken this very literally,' says 'Most of us don't have the space or wardrobe to achieve this, but if you do, I absolutely love the mounted clothes rails. Practically speaking, if you're going to mount a closet system anyway, why not hang mounted rails instead? I'm sure it is a dream to choose clothes from, but whether she actually pulls her own outfits is another question.'

Of course, the uniformity of Kim's all-black apparel certainly adds to the sophisticated boudoir appeal - something Melissa is quick to note. 'In a closet like this, you certainly aren't looking at the rails, you are looking at the meticulously hung and color-coordinated clothes hanging on it,' she adds. 'If you have the help or gumption to maintain this look, I'm sure you will be delighted. Most of us don't have that situation so it might look like a mix of different clothes hung on slightly nicer rails, but if it works for you, I say do it!'

If you want to open up your floor space and bring a boutique feel to your morning routine, a wall-mounted clothes rail gives a taste of celebrity luxury. Just make sure you fix it securely and don't overdo the weight. Elana recommends hiring a professional to install your railing for you for safety and stability. 'I imagine they’d need to be mounted into studs using strong anchors and screws,' she says. But if you're looking for the best storage for clothes to showcase your red-carpet-worthy collection, we'd put Kim's idea top of the list.

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