4 Ways to Reset Your Home for the New Year According to Jeremiah Brent — "This Will Shift the Energy!"

These simple changes are the perfect way to rejuvenate your home for 2024

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Waving goodbye to the festive flourishes around your home in January can often be a disheartening time of year, but just because you've taken down your Christmas tree and packed away your tinsel doesn't mean your space has to be boring.

If you're feeling the January Blues already, our interior design favorite Jeremiah Brent is to the rescue with his simple ideas to "reset" your home for the year ahead. These simple interior design changes will help inject your home with a new lease of life, so you can go into 2024 with a home as refreshed as you are.

1. Change up your linens

A simple linen change of your bedding or towels is a super easy way to transform your space after the holiday season. Try swapping out moodier, autumnal tones for bright colors that make you feel happy. You might already have them stored in the closet, but most of the best bedding sets you'll find these days come in more invigorating colors for the new year.

These will not only lift your mood but also create unexpected pops of color without any commitment, so it's the perfect way to experiment too! Think yellows, pinks and blues — striped bedding looks great too.

2. Edit your belongings

The new year is the perfect time for decluttering, but it can often feel overwhelming to decide what works and what doesn't around your home. Jeremiah's top tip? Ask yourself: 'Is this absolutely beautiful or absolutely functional?' If not, get rid of it!

This is a great starting point for how to declutter your home, while packing away your holiday decs for another year to think about new beginnings, and by editing your space you make space for new pieces. Out with the old and in with the new!

3. Curate your art collection

Now that you've (hopefully) finished tidying up after your New Year's Eve celebrations, moving art pieces around your space is a great way have fun and rejuvenate your space.

It can 'completely shift the energy of your room,' says Jeremiah, and we couldn't agree more! Maybe that print feels wasted in your bathroom and could be repurposed for the living room, or a entryway sculpture will harmonize better with your bedroom decor. This is also super simple, and the best part is repurposing your pieces won't cost you anything! 

4. Experiment with scents

It's finally time to retire those Christmas candles you've been burning for the last three months, but what should you be smelling instead? 'The new year is a great way to bring in a new scent profile', says Jeremiah. 'Something that feels a little different.'

The way your space smells is so influential to the mood and vibe, so testing out something new is the perfect way to refresh your home for 2024. The best scented candles for this time of year are light, with a less wintry scent, according to Jeremiah. Also try a different soap in the bathroom, or make use of those room diffusers you got from Santa! 

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