Jennifer Garner's Kitchen Has Everything You Need to Pull Off the Perfect Dinner Party in 2024

Dinner parties are trending big time this year — and actress Jennifer Garner's kitchen models all of the cookware a home chef needs to pull one off

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If you ask me, Jennifer Garner is America's Sweetheart (so sorry, Julia Roberts — maybe we can open up a second seat?). She's an accomplished actress, a rom-com mainstay, an entrepreneur, a mother, a philanthropist ... and that's all without mentioning her excellent taste.

Given her frequent postings on Instagram, fans and journalists alike are often offered a first-person glimpse into Jennifer's stunning California home, especially during her so-called "Pretend Cooking Show," which is exactly what it sounds like — as though she were on The Food Network or hosting a segment on Good Morning America, Jennifer candidly walks her audience through a recipe, conveniently (for us) showing off her stunning modern kitchen in the process.

As much fun as the"Pretend Cooking Show" is, and see more of Jennifer Garner's kitchen here — I find myself particularly drawn to the series to see what appliances and cooking tools Jennifer is using these days. In addition to the rest of her iconic and storied resume, she is also known as quite the homemaker, so a buy endorsed by her is certainly one worth sharing with you. Not to mention the fact that dinner parties are trending up big time this year — if you're looking to invest in some quality, chic cookware and dishware, you could do a lot worse than following Jennifer's lead.

'After the pandemic, there is a genuine yearning for human interaction,' said Erica Thomas, the founder and editor-in-chief of Eating With Erica, a food and lifestyle blog, when asked why dinner parties will be big in 2024. 'People are seeking opportunities to connect with others, and sharing a meal is one of the most authentic ways to build a sense of community and forge new relationships.'

Budgetary restrictions and inflation are also at play here: 'Hosting potluck dinners with friends has become a popular way to not only save money but also to encourage culinary exploration and strengthen social bonds,' she went on. Plus, a supper club or dinner party offers the gastronomically curious a chance to 'venture into new culinary territories, explore different venues, and experiment with various cooking techniques.'

In short, the newfound popularity of dinner parties boils down to a 'desire for human connection, cost-consciousness, a craving for unique dining experiences, and the need to break away from the dining routine,' Erica summarized.

So after combing intently through a few of Jennifer's most recent Instagram posts, I've pulled together as much of the featured home and cookware as I could and compiled them in a shopping edit for you below. It seems her preferred line is French cookware brand Le Creuset, though some Staub — a similar professional-grade product that is 'both durable and sleek-looking,' Erica said — snuck in there, too.

Both Staub and Le Creuset are great because their 'range of colors' allows 'home chefs to coordinate with other appliances, like KitchenAid mixers,' Erica continued. 'The only downside is that they are expensive. However, you have to remember that you're buying heirloom quality cookware that, if properly maintained, will be able to be passed on to the next generation.'

I've attempted to track down Staub and Le Creuset pieces as close to Jennifer's as possible, but keep in mind these are still educated guesses. But now that we've got that disclaimer out of the way, let's get cookware shopping!

The Jennifer Garner-inspired cookware edit

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