Jennifer Garner's kitchen cabinet color is a super delicate hue that works amazingly as a neutral

The versatile shade works wonderfully as a neutral while still bringing the right amount of color into your kitchen

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When designing a kitchen, the color of your cabinetry should be front and center of your plans (from an aesthetic point of view, at least). More often than not, however, we shy away from color, instead settling for a default shade like black, beige, or white, or neutral wooden tones. If you want a chick, sophisticated kitchen but with just the right tinge of color to bring character into your space, then look no further than Jennifer Garner's kitchen. 

The Alias star is no stranger to the culinary world. In recent years she co-founded the organic food company Once Upon a Farm, and she regularly posts her '#PretendCookingShow' videos on her Instagram page. It was in her most recent one of these that we spotted the dusky grey-mauve hue of her cabinets, and we're sure it's a trend that will take off in 2024. 

The delicate shade caused quite a stir among the Livingetc team as we deliberated over the precise tone. Is it light pink, a delicate mauve, or just a warm greige? Eventually, we agreed that this unique shade has different qualities in different lights, something that makes it super easy to use in any space. If you're looking to wave goodbye to beige in your modern kitchen but still want a pared-back, minimal look, you can't go wrong with this versatile cabinet color. 

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In the actress's 'zoodle' cooking video, we're given a glimpse of her warm, minimalist kitchen. Beautiful calacatta marble countertops are paired with sleek, wood-paneled wall storage for a warm, inviting space. Meanwhile, the slim shaker cabinets give Jennifer's kitchen a contemporary feel, while still offering a touch of traditional detail. 

'This kitchen shares much with Jennifer Garner herself including embracing simplicity, being natural, and a commitment to quality materials,' says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors. 'With the obvious help of a very talented designer, she has chosen materials like the wood-clad refrigerator panels that blend the kitchen with the rest of the home (see the wood-paneled hallway, adjacent to the refrigerators), while the lighter cabinets lend that traditional, homey feel she's become known for.'

Despite our appreciation for the wider space, it's this super delicate tone that really caught our eye. Somewhere between greige and an under-saturated mauve, it works wonderfully as a neutral light tone to brighten her space while still injecting a tinge of color that looks oh-so-pretty paired with her brass hardware. 

As Bethany notes, this delicate tone is a solid choice for kitchen cabinetry. 'Light cabinetry isn't as trendy as it was a few years ago, but this kitchen is a testament to its timelessness and staying power - much like Jennifer's acting career,' she says. Laura Wiliams of ATX Interior Design agrees that this neutral look is a timeless choice. 'The calming neutrals and beautiful paneled refrigerator will never go out of style,' she adds.

Delicate, almost pastel-like tones are certainly having their moment as a color trend right now. Dulux's color of the year for 2024, Sweet Embrace, is a similar low saturated tone that falls more on the side of pink. Like Jennifer's cabinetry, however, Dulux's shade is a metameric color, meaning different tones are highlighted as the natural light changes through the day. It starts as a crisp blush pink in the morning light before moving to a more grey-violet hue in the evening, and we expect Jennifer's mauve-grey tone works in a similar way. 

Of course, the color that meets your eye is also influenced by the surrounding design, and Jennifer's kitchen marries the shade with organic elements masterfully. Even the mauve-grey shade of the marble veining seems to match the kitchen cabinets. 'The light wood cabinets also coincide with the oak floors and the soft white cabinetry beautifully, and the neutral palette makes the kitchen feel warm and inviting,' says Laura. 'I love the elevated, yet approachable feeling Jennifer's kitchen radiates. It’s inviting you in there to cook a delicious meal or even just hang around the island and chat.'

Do you want to achieve a similarly bright, neutral, and contemporary look in your kitchen? Pair light marble, ash wood, and delicate mauve grey cabinetry with an accent of brass hardware and you're pretty much there. It's the perfect solution for fans of minimalism who want just enough color and variety to give their space some depth. 

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