This Parisian-inspired bathroom update Jenna Lyons is obsessing over will cost you very little to do, but look so expensive

You can get your bathroom to have that chic, expensive Parisian apartment look for less if you change your hardware to this metal that Jenna Lyons swears by

bathroom with tiled floor, black freestanding bath and brass hardware
(Image credit: Douglas Friedman. Design: Martyn Lawrence Bullard)

During her viral online home tours, Jenna Lyons frequently references her love of how this metal looks in the bathroom. She speaks of growing up in California where ‘everything was chrome’ and how she fell in love with unlacquered brass faucets upon seeing them for the first time in Paris. 

Celebrity factor aside, Jenna does have a point. Chrome, especially the polished sort, can look a bit too generic, and a bit unfriendly, so the sound of unlacquered brass, with its warm tone and expensive look really is a tempting alternative. The good news is that changing your hardware is a great budget bathroom update to do, with minimal effort. 

Let’s see what the noise is all about. 

 We’re all following in Jenna’s footsteps  

Black and white bathroom vanity with brass edged mirror and accessories

(Image credit: Douglas Friedman. Design: Martyn Lawrence Bullard)

The new break-out star of Real Housewives of New York, Jenna Lyons has made no secret of her obsession with unlacquered brass, her eclectic but modern bathroom being the main area where it’s used, paired with marble for a super stylish effect. 

Her recent home tours have gone viral and since confessing her love for the metal, search interest for “unlacquered brass hardware” increased by 83% in July. This is the power of tastemaker Jenna Lyons.

'Around mid-July we started noticing that interest in our brushed brass products was increasing, and by the end of July, we had an influx of new customers on our brushed brass product pages - a 56% increase since June to be exact,' explains bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal, Warren Kinloch.

Give your bathroom a Parisian chic makeover with unlacquered brass accessories

brass taps in a white bathroom sink

(Image credit: Future)

One of the simplest changes to make to your bathroom is to update the accessories and hardware. Don't worry too much if you can't change all your metals to be the same. Designers have started mixing different finishes and the look is much more inviting and friendly than having a matchy-matchy scheme that might be a bit too hotel-like. 

One word of advice, just stick to warm undertones or black for metals that you mix with brass.   

You'll notice even in Jenna's bathroom, despite her love of brass accents, there are other metals in there. The faucets, sink plumbing, and mirror edges are all in the famous unlacquered brass, but the sink legs are made of iron with a blue-grey patina. She explains that this was a DIY job. After they were installed, she sprayed the metal with ocean water, and in a few days the effect of the salt gave a beautiful patina (I can't vouch for how well this method will work, but it is an interesting idea and it worked beautifully for Jenna).

Door hinges, shower screen hinges, and flush buttons might be harder to change straight away, but for an easy start, look at updating your vanity handles, faucet, and wall lights to unlacquered brass. Add a mirror with a brass edge - extra points if it has a slight antique feel to it too to really give a nod to that Parisian-inspired look.

Get the look with these accessories

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