IKEA is re-releasing its most iconic designs in new, bold colors – including what we think is its best ever side table

In celebration of 80 years of IKEA, this collection revisits the brands most iconic pieces, reimagining them for the modern home

ikea new collection in bright colors
(Image credit: IKEA)

If there's one thing you can count on from an IKEA collection at the moment, it's color. We've waved goodbye to the oatmeal tinted Scandi aesthetic that has dominated IKEA designs for a long time, and are ushering in vibrant colors to set the tone for joyful home decor.  

Their newest collection, Nytillverkad, which the Swedish brand announced at the Milan Design Week is no exception. In celebration of 80 years of IKEA, their designers have taken a trip down memory lane to reimagine some of their most iconic pieces. It’s the same functionality we all love and expect from IKEA but taken to new playful extremes, incorporating interior design trends for brilliantly bold color. 

Here's what you need to know, from what IKEA designs have been given a new lease of life to when you'll be able to buy them. 

What's new at IKEA?

At a glance it is clear that this collection is embracing maximalism. Think striking colors, bold prints, and updated materials all in the same timeless design. It includes reimagined furniture, accessories, and bedding, everything you could want to add a bit of spice into your home. The collection stays true to the original designs whilst updating them to reflect modern day desires. It is a true homage to the legacy of IKEA that dares to be bold.

We love how IKEA has embraced their past in a way that pairs their retro look furniture with an innovative take on current trends. 'At IKEA, the past, the present, and the future are all connected', says Fredrika Inger Managing Director at IKEA of Sweden, 'we’ve designed many functional and beautiful home furnishing products during the last 80 years. With Nytillverkad, we are returning to the future, again.'

IKEA lilac coat stand

(Image credit: IKEA)

The new collection makes for a nostalgic look back at some of the pieces that made IKEA what it is today. The SMED coat stand, originally designed in 1978 by Rutger Andersson, has been rejuvenated as it takes on new colorways alongside the original black. The gorgeous periwinkle and Sicilian lemon-colored coat stand will provide a welcomed dose of personality to any home. 

The exquisitely chosen summery tones in this collection reflect so many of the color trends we are loving at the moment. Combing different pieces from the collection also makes for some unusually satisfying combinations. Another new addition is the updated metal components that reflect advanced technological know-how and expanding sustainability considerations. 

colourful side table

(Image credit: IKEA)

'All the best products have a story behind them,' says Karin Gustavsson, the Creative Leader of Nytillverkad collection. We couldn’t agree more. The LÖVET table, first introduced in 1956, is one of the brand's most recognizable silhouettes and is a staple for many mid-century modern furniture lovers (as well as a personal favorite). 

Now the structural side table will be reintroduced in orange, blue and mint green, injecting a bit of color into the more functional items in your home. We envision styling it with a contrasting colored vase to really make it pop.

ikea bold new collection

(Image credit: IKEA)

Bedding can so often be a neglected aspect of an interior, with many opting for plain and simple sheets. If you want to elevate your bedroom keep an eye out for the iconic KRYPKORNELL pattern in the collection. Originally designed by Swedish textile designer Sven Fristedt for a sofa launched in 1980, the joyful print has been put to use on bedding, pillows and kitchen accessories, adding a unique and sunny boost of charisma wherever you choose to put it.

The collection offers the opportunity for customers to mix and match to create their own balance that reflects their personal style. Buy one candle stick collection for a nod to bright trend or go all out in a clash of colors that verges on gaudy, in the very best way.

IKEA mint green side table

(Image credit: IKEA)

This is not the last you will see of the Nytillverkad collection. It is merely the beginning with more launches to be anticipated over the next few years. IKEA has proven they are still at the top of the design game 80 years on by finding icons of the future in the past. 

So now you love the collection as much as we do, be ready to snap it up when it launches in July.

Amy McArdle
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