There's one find in IKEA's newest collection that's effortlessly luxe and nails our favorite trend – and it's less than $30

IKEA's brand new range MÄVINN lets you create a calming space full of organic materials without it costing the earth

A concrete living space with rustic woven furniture and colorful woven rugs
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Organic materials are certainly the mood of the moment in design, and if there's one brand that masters that spirit of neutral simplicity best, it's our friends at IKEA. Their latest collection infuses their Scandi-cool style with an organic modern aesthetic, culminating in a selection of natural products inspired by artisanal practices. 

Comprised of 20 items designed together with social businesses across Asia, the MÄVINN collection is all about appreciating the craft and workmanship that goes into making unique accessories for the home. In fact, each product is handcrafted by vulnerable groups hired by those businesses, meaning no two pieces are the same in shape and form. From woven baskets and rustic rugs to earthy cushion covers and a banana fiber pendant shade, IKEA proves itself an ethical trailblazer when it comes to interior design trends.

'Our initial idea was to emphasize craftsmanship, which led us to think about the experience of visiting a local craft market,' says Paulin Machado, designer at IKEA of Sweden. 'Every item has a distinctive look and rustic feel of a handpicked item, blending colorful splashes with natural materials through embroidery and woven designs where their handmade nature gives its uniqueness.'

If you want to transform your home into a calming space inspired by nature without it costing the earth, these pieces are the perfect place to start. 

What's new at IKEA? 

Two layered natural woven rugs

(Image credit: IKEA)

Comprised of cotton, over-run materials from denim production, and natural fibers such as banana, jute, and paper made from mulberry tree bark, the entire collection has sustainability at its heart. Most of those materials are also sourced locally in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and Vietnam, where the partner businesses are located. 

These fabrics are used to create a beautiful array of textiles that offer warmth and texture, one of the key pillars of the organic modern style. The flatwoven floor runner, for example, combines bleached and unbleached jute with colorful patterned details in soft yellow and pink hues, perfect for a boho living room

It wouldn't be IKEA if functionality wasn't a theme, either. The patchwork denim organizer is a standout item, offering a great way to maximize vertical storage in an office, entryway, or workshop. There are also some handy hanging storage baskets that have a macrame feel about them if you're after a more understated storage solution.

A dining table with woven placemats and a woven pendant lampshade overhead

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The real star of the show for us, however, is the woven pendant lampshade. Handmade using a braided weave of banana fibers, the shade is a modern rustic decor staple, the delicate material creating a warm and cozy feel as the light trickles through. 

As a lighting idea, this natural look is bang on trend and makes a great statement hung at differing heights above a wooden dining table in a farmhouse kitchen, or in the bedroom to tie in a neutral color scheme. Pair it with the MÄVINN placemats in a kitchen setting, or with the  woven baskets and a jute rug in a bedroom. For just $27.99 there are no excuses necessary when it comes to spending, either. 

What does 'MÄVINN' mean?

A asymmetrical patterned cushion on a wooden bench

(Image credit: IKEA)

The collection name 'MÄVINN' is an expression of dialect from Småland, where IKEA was founded and translates to the phrase 'having the wind at your back'. It's inspired by the collaborative efforts of the range as the second global social entrepreneurship collection from the brand, and marks the first annually recurring collection that will go under the name. 

You'll be able to buy items in this collection online and in stores from June, with preview browsing available on IKEA's website. It's not the last you'll hear of the MÄVINN range, though; we can't wait to see more annual releases from this beautiful, ethically-focussed range. 

Our favorite items from the MÄVINN collection

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