IKEA’s Lead Interior Designer has revealed her favorite product, and it’s the unconventional statement every modern home needs

The Scandinavian staple is a celebration of unique textures and tones – this is how to style it in your interiors

IKEA KOLDBY rug in a living room
(Image credit: IKEA)

From the minimalist hues of a fresh BILLY to BUSKBO’s stylish rattan curves, everybody has a favorite IKEA icon – including Clotilde Passalacqua, Interior Design Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland. Throughout her career, Clotilde’s modern home decor ideas have shaped schemes worldwide – but among all of IKEA’s stylish pieces, one Scandinavian jewel remains at the top of her love list.

With its bold shape and organic tones, this piece is versatile and fearlessly fun – and we expect it will become your new favorite statement too. And why not? You’d be in great company. 

‘I’ve had many favorite IKEA products throughout the years, but one that I’ve always loved is the KOLDBY cowhide rug,’ Clotilde shares.  

IKEA KOLDBY rug in home office

(Image credit: IKEA)

She continues: ‘It’s timeless and super versatile, both in its style and function. When I bought my first one, I had it in my modern living area, where it added a special touch to the space with its irregular shape and tone. However, now that I have children, I keep it under the dining table. What’s more, people often don’t realize that because it’s made with leather, it’s super easy to clean.’

With its contemporary allure and unrivaled durability, it’s unsurprising that the KOLDBY has established itself as Clotilde’s firm favorite. Plus, while the designer already revealed where she showcases her rug, we’re taking further modern living room ideas from these stylish set-ups below. 

1. Showcase your KOLDBY in an earthy scheme 

IKEA KOLDBY rug in a green painted living room

(Image credit: Helga Spiering)

With its cow-inspired tones, KOLDBY exhibits an organic ambiance that is best presented in a natural scheme, as seen in Helga Spiering’s space. The KOLDBY rug balances the verdant green shade that blesses the wall while maintaining a raw aesthetic that invites the great outdoors into her interiors. 

‘I really love to mix old with new, design with ‘non-design', and always seek for balance. I also love the clean Scandinavian style. The IKEA rug blends very well with all kinds of styles and gives a natural warmth to any interior,’ Helga explains. 

2. Layer your KOLDBY with diverse textiles & fabrics  

IKEA KOLDBY rug with a throw and cushions

(Image credit: IKEA)

Among its many assets, the KOLDBY is admired for its texture – but what is the best way to accentuate this characteristic? This setting from IKEA suggests creating a cocktail of fabrics by layering the rug with a multitude of other textures that will fill your space with sensory warmth and comfort. Combining this particular fabric with more delicate materials, including a knitted throw or plush cushion, will balance your KOLDBY and ensure it fits effortlessly into your broader scheme. 

3. Pair your KOLDBY with wooden accents for a Scandi-cool zone

IKEA KOLDBY rug in a Scandinavian style room

(Image credit: Helga Spiering)

As a Swedish staple, the KOLDBY epitomizes Nordic design, making it a perfect addition to a Scandinavian-inspired space. For a quintessential aura, combine the KOLDBY with dark wooden furnishings that similarly celebrate this sought-after aesthetic. Then, finish with flowers, just as Helga demonstrates through her interior design idea above. 

We thank you, Clotilde, for bringing the KOLDBY into the forefront of our homes. 

Megan Slack

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