The inspiration behind IKEA's new coffee table plays straight into the beach-style trend of the moment

The powerhouse has unveiled an ocean-inspired collection that will bring a sense of southern Sweden to your scheme

(Image credit: IKEA)

From the NORBERG table to the BOLMEN stool, some of IKEA's most recognized products are named after real Swedish locations – and its latest collection is no different. 

KÅSEBERGA, a surf-inspired collection named after an oceanfront village in the South of IKEA's native land has arrived. And while its name is a trademark of the label, their new series is far from conventional.

The collection includes over 25 pieces and has been developed with a focus on sustainability, including a flatwoven rug, a cork yoga mat, and a beach chair (because this is a summer series, after all). But in all its products, there is one that we expect to dominate interior design trends this season –the coffee table. 


(Image credit: IKEA)

Like all pieces in the collection, the coffee table takes inspiration from life by the coast, so you can flirt with a new level of a Scandi-cool aesthetic in your home. IKEA designed the table to resemble a surfboard, but while this modern decorating idea may sound slightly audacious, it looks more stylish than you may initially expect. 

What makes the KÅSEBERGA coffee table so fashionable? The bamboo shell, that allows you to introduce elegant and sustainable materials into your scheme. The bamboo elevates the table from a practical surfboard style statement to a natural focal point that will provoke conversation over coffee, naturally. 


(Image credit: IKEA)

'With this collection, we hope to spread the joy of the surfing lifestyle in the home and everyday life of many people,' says Wiebke Braasch, the Designer at IKEA of Sweden. 'These needs are relevant for many more people than surfers and inspired us to create products that enrich everybody’s lives with similar demands.'

Yes, the KÅSEBERGA coffee table not only looks good, but does good too. The brand's focus on renewable materials promoted a partnership with KASSIA+SURF who praise IKEA for its collection of ocean-inspired home goods that have a 'low imapct' on the planet. 'They are for the ever-growing global community of earth-conscious surfers and beach lovers,' adds  Kassia Meador, pro longboard surfer and owner of KASSIA+SURF. 

If you invest in one seasonal furnishing this summer, let it be this coffee table, that will stand the test of time.  The KÅSEBERGA collection will launch globally in May 2022.

Megan Slack

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