IKEA's Stylish New Gardening Accessories are Enough to Entice you Into the Backyard

Rediscover your love of gardening as we creep towards Spring

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We are finally at the end of January, and I for one am already looking ahead to Spring. Currently, the garden feels like a neglected space, but soon enough we'll all be back out there gardening with renewed vigor. 

What better way to kickstart spring and spruce up your modern garden than with some new gear? For backyard accessories that marry form and function, our go-to Swedish homeware brand has us covered. IKEA's latest collection offers a selection of stylish garden tools and accessories to brighten up the winter months and entice us back outside. 

If you're looking for an affordable way to kit out your shed as we approach spring, check out IKEA's latest gardening range that offers great bang for your buck. 

What's new at IKEA? 

IKEA's new collection has everything you need to spruce up your backyard ahead of spring, from terracotta pots and watering cans to wooden planters and woven flower boxes. 

Every gardener needs a watering can. These staple tools usually come pretty standard-looking in terms of size, shape, and color, but why not add a bit of sunshine to your watering tasks by opting for this stylish yellow tin watering can? Adding a pop of color to your shed our backyard workstation is sure to brighten your outdoor space, even in the dreariest of weather. 

If you really want to jump on the pale yellow trend, you can even match your watering can with this plant pot in the same shade. Use it indoors or outdoors to elevate your plants and add a splash of contrast to your greenery. If this sunny yellow hue clashes with your color scheme, or you just fancy something more neutral, opt for this wicker plant pot instead for a country-inspired look. 

A yellow watering can on a work bench with terracotta pots

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Alongside these more decorative gardening tools, IKEA's new collection also offers all of the basics. From terracotta pots in multiple sizes, perfect for planting your spring flowers, to stylish gardening gloves to protect your green fingers, you can find everything you need at affordable prices. There's still time to plant bulbs for spring flowers, too, so you can have a beautiful display of colorful blooms in time for March, April, and May. 

For a fresh start and a flourishing spring garden, IKEA's new collection is the place to shop!

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