'Everyone Will be Doing This This Year' - This Viral Napkin Folding Trick is Exactly What I Want for my Christmas Table

This decorating trick is free (well, as long as you've already got napkins) and will make your Christmas table feel magical

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Every Christmas, there seems to be a genius new decorating or styling idea that surfaces online that I want to try - but usually they require me to buy something new, which means something else to store when it comes time to put the festive decor away. 

However, this year I've spotted a viral trend that doesn't require you to buy anything new, but that can be used to dress up and add a little whimsy to your Christmas table. And, after I spotted this viral tutorial for how to fold your napkins into Christmas trees once, I've seen it a load more times since - so you can bet all the best-dressed Christmas table decor will feature napkins folded like this come the 25th December. 

Here's how it's done, and how I'll be styling mine on my Christmas table.  

How to Fold Christmas Tree Napkins 

At first, this piece of dining table origami looks complex, and there's a few steps to follow during the folding process. But after trying this tutorial from New York-based creator Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar, I'm confident I could create a whole table's worth of Christmas tree napkins that look neat and uniform. 

The trickiest part? When you turn the napkin over to fold it into the start of your tree shape, but once you've got the hang of this part, and checked that your tree's "branches" are sitting pretty on the other side, it's super simple to complete your tree. It's a DIY that works a little better with more structured textiles, so you'll have more success with a thicker cotton material than you will with a soft, drape-y linen. 

What I love about this simple Christmas craft idea is that you can use your existing napkins for the tutorial, no matter your table's color scheme this Christmas. I adore Will's use of rich red tones as a way to make them stand out on the dining table, though they'll work just as well in a classic white napkin if that's what you prefer. 

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