You can now buy DIY "tiny homes" from The Home Depot – they're surprisingly stylish and some are less than $50,000

Home Depot is making it so much easier to DIY yourself a home, all available to buy online!

a modern tiny home with black cladding
(Image credit: The Home Depot)

For many, building a home is an aspiration. What a luxury to have full control over the building of your home. But with all that freedom and control comes a hefty price tag and A LOT of planning. Hats off to all those who dive into building a home, or even just a large renovation, without a project manager or architect in the family. 

For those of us without unlimited budgets, time, or mental capacity, Home Depot has tiny homes for purchase on its website. They don't quite come flat packed but in terms of building a house, they are pretty compact. Some are shells of buildings that need to be fitted out, some are more complex builds. You may be alarmed by the price tag, not to mention the ease of putting in your basket and pressing "buy now", but once you add up what you would spend on organizing it yourself you may want to reconsider.

Take a look at these wonderfully designed tiny homes and see what you think. Could it work for you?

1. The Nordic

This charming cabin is larger than the average New York City apartment which is currently 600 sq ft. At nearly 700 sq ft you have an amazing area to play with. It offers a contemporary design that would fit seamlessly into any space. The wooden interior creates a cozy chalet feel that would make it ideal for winter use, and the gorgeous French-style double doors integrate the outdoor space making it perfect for summer as well. Its versatility makes it a great addition to any home.

Described by Home Depot as a "weekend project", you can really get a sense of how quickly this house is assembled. If you suddenly feel the urge for change or are in desperate need of a pool house-cum-office, then look no further.

2. The Wave

This tiny home offers the extra space you have been craving and offers endless possibilities. From an isolated home office to a home bar, or even a spare bedroom (if you are looking to keep the inlaws at arm's length). 410.87 sq. ft is the perfect size for the end of your backyard and offers ample space for any of the above functions.

The pre-assembled steel frame panels facilitate hassle-free installation with little thought from your side. All you need to do is pick where you want to build it. It is also possible to customize the tiny home to your personal style by selecting windows and wood stains. It has never been easier to take control of your space and utilize it how you wish. This DIY home kit is the ultimate bungalow to become a home builder.

3. The Chill Out

It does what it says on the tin. The perfect chill-out zone. We can just picture this as an oasis away from the stresses of the main house, away from electronics, emails, and responsibilities. This tiny home is a shell-only, so will need to be fitted out fully to make it totally inhabitable. Then, just some plush furnishings, supplemented by stacks of escapism in the form of books and magazines, a speaker exclusively for soothing jazz and there's even room for a small kitchen station. 

It is everything you need for a getaway. If this sounds like your kind of heaven check out this tiny home option and just chill out.

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