Organize all Your Gift Wrap Supplies with This $30 Amazon Buy That Makes Preparing Presents so Simple

Create a designated gift wrap station with this clever kit

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Wrapping Christmas presents is one of the joys (or chores depending on how you see it) of the holiday season. But one thing we can all agree on is how difficult it is to store all your wrapping supplies.

Throughout the year, wrapping paper storage isn't something we really think about. Bringing out the paper and ribbons for the odd birthday here and there doesn't really warrant looking for a permanent solution but, come December, it's a different story. 

My living room is currently a makeshift wrapping station, where all kinds of supplies are strewn across the floor without an ounce of order, and I've had enough of the chaos. Well, in the search of a solution, I came across this $30 Amazon buy that promises to make packaging presents a breeze, and while you may have wrapped all your Christmas gifts already, this clever kit will serve you all year round. If, like me, you're looking to organize your living room during the chaotic Christmas run-up, this organizer is the answer. 

Wrapping paper is notoriously awkward to store. It never fits neatly into any cupboard or storage container you have, so usually ends up propped up against something precariously which is less than ideal. 

You can imagine the relief, then, when we came across this genius gift wrap organizer via Instagram, courtesy of Elaina Zinke (@lifewithlainee). It might just look like a box, but it's so much more. There's space for multiple rolls of paper, gift bags, ribbon, and tape - all with their own little compartments and compacted in one handy storage box. If you have a large family, you can even upgrade to an XL size for $69.99 which fits up to 30 gift rolls of 40" length. 

The wrapping paper storage box, which is available from Amazon for just $29.98, has been recommended by many organizing experts, too. 'I love this wrapping paper organizer and have used it personally for years,' says professional organizer, Janelle Cohen, who recently partnered with Kelley Blue Book to announce the 2024 Best Buy Awards. 'It’s great because it has a significant amount of space and the ease of finding what paper you’re looking for is super simple. My favorite part about it is that it can be stored in so many different locations in your home. It fits great under the bed or at the top of a closet.'

The key to finding long-lasting storage solutions is finding techniques and products that fit seamlessly into your everyday life, and this item does just that. 'It's important to consider not just the practicality of an organization's product but also how that product fits into your home long term,' Janelle says. 'That is a big contributing factor to the success of an organizational system.'

Next Christmas, you won't have to worry about finding that missing tape or that roll of festive ribbon you've misplaced. Everything you need will be tucked away in this genius storage bag! Trust us, it will instantly change your gift-wrapping game for the better - bid goodbye to the Christmas table littered with gift wrap once and for all!

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