Florence Pugh's 'charming' kitchen has an unconventional way of storing utensils – but it has pro organizers divided

Florence Pugh's kitchen is anything but minimalist, but is her clever idea for storing utensils a winner with professional organizers?

Florence Pugh on the red carpet
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Sometimes a celebrity gives us a glimpse into their home on social media that is, let's say, 'less edited' than what appears in the magazines. Getting a peek at how the other half live, when there's no stylist carefully arranging flowers on the kitchen countertop, can be even more of a thrill than a glossy house tour. 

Sometimes their houses still look barely lived in, but that's not the case for Florence Pugh. The actress and Oppenheimer star recently shared a snap of her kitchen which proved it  isn't just for show. With shelves stacked with spices, oils and a lot of hot sauce bottles, this isn't the modern minimalist kitchen we're used to seeing in the homes of A-list stars. 

However, it was one piece of kitchen storage that caught our eyes in particular - a rail suspended from the wall-mounted shelving that Florence's kitchen utensils sit on. 

It seems like a no-brainer idea for keeping your utensils un-jumbled, and ensuring you can always find what you're after, but when we asked professional organizers for their advice on this idea, they had a slightly different opinion. We think, you'll either discover your affinity for the clutter-core vibe of Florence's space, or a new way to store your utensils thanks to these pro organizers.

While this burnished brass storage rail is an addition that perfectly suits the style of Florence's kitchen, it's not a way that the professional organizers we asked would look to store their kitchen utensils. 

'If an organizing solution works for you then it is the right solution,' says professional organizer Melisa Gugni, 'but I am not a huge fan of hanging utensil racks for most people. I find that it looks cluttered and most folks have more utensils than would realistically fit on a hanging rack.' 

Hanging items can be good for decoration but it is unhelpful for items you reach for a lot, says Ben Soreff, from House to Home Organizing. 'Typically, we don’t like to see things hanging,' he says, 'they are difficult to take in and out and create conditions for random items to get hung.' 

Fortunately, there are alternative ways to approach how to organize a kitchen that get these organizers' seal of approval instead. 

How to store utensils practically

If you are searching for a practical way to store your kitchen utensils, it might be better to keep it simple, say these experts. 

'I prefer a large, sturdy crock that is located next to the stove,' says Melissa. Keeping your most used items close by will dramatically enhance your cooking experience. Ben recommends paring down your collection by decluttering the kitchen before you look to find a good solution. 'Start by reviewing and letting go of broken, damaged or inexpensive items that are never used,' he says. 

If you have a large utensil collection you may wish to split it into frequent and infrequent use, putting the latter in a less convenient place. 'I like to lay them flat in a drawer with dividers, like these from Amazon,' says Melissa. 

Of course, if you find the clutter-core look totally charming, and love this idea, we're still on board with hanging utensils a la Florence Pugh.

Products to organize your utensils

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