These "Forever Peonies" are Paris Hilton-Approved and "Last a Whole Year" in Your Home — Here's Their Secret

Tired of waiting for peony season to grab these seasonal beauties? Well we might've just found the answer to your prayers

A split screen of Paris Hilton at the 2024 Met Gala (left) and Venus Et Fleur's pink and white eternity peonies (right)
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Forever peonies do what they say on the tin. The name itself might be a slight over-exaggeration, but these real flowers can actually last an entire year inside your home so you can say goodbye to wilting petals and transient beauty. The best part? The come approved by the legend that is Paris Hilton.

A couple of years ago, we saw Paris post a picture surrounded by stunning rose box bouquets. And while we admired the iconic celebrity (as usual), we were equally taken by the luxurious blooms on her kitchen island. Paris went on to talk about these romantic roses on her blog and it turns out there was more to the flowers than what met the virtual eye.

We learned that the pretty bouquets were from the now florally famous brand Venus Et Fleur and that these were no ordinary roses. In fact, the roses were made to last for an entire calendar year. Hard to believe but provenly true.

Cut to present day, the brand is bigger than ever and just launched peonies, under their 'Eternity Flowers' range. With peonies, the 'it' girl of summer blooming flowers, at the forefront of their launch, we simply had to find out what goes into extending the lifespan of these petalled beauties — this isn't your usual peony care for cut flowers, after all.

So we went straight to the source and had a chat with one half of the duo at the helm of Venus Et Fleur and as a bonus, we also got some insight into the peony hype that's taken over the floral world. And while you uncover the magic behind these blooms below, you'll understand exactly why I'll be adding this to my wishlist for the summer.

What are 'Eternity Peonies'?

Three round box arrangements of blush, pink and white peonies

(Image credit: Venus Et Fleur)

Seema Bansal Chadha grew the company alongside her partner and co-founder Sunny Chadha and their aim has always been to provide flowers that last longer than just a couple of days. As someone who frequently buys flowers, only to have to replace them more often than I'd prefer, I was curious to get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Due to their seasonal availability, peonies are at the top of the list when it comes to flower trends. And the seasonality of peonies is precisely what made Seema want to introduce them as 'forever flowers'.

'The idea sparked a few years ago,' Seema tells us. 'I've always loved the peony season - the smell of them, their abundant shape and fullness. Sadly, they don't last long nor are they available outside of May and June and I truly wanted their moment to last longer. So, after 5 years in the making and several years of testing, we have successfully grown and treated our Japanese-grown peonies to last one full year.' Now, they've finally launched the collection of their 'Eternity Peonies'.

What makes the flowers last up to a year?

A collection of round ad square box bouquets of pink peonies

(Image credit: Venus Et Fleur)

Seema tells us that they use a natural preservation treatment to keep the peonies spritely and tall as if just picked from a garden. 'Similar to a wax-based solution, our organic preservation technique stops the growth of the flower in its peak state,' she says.

'We then can dye the florals to keep their color very rich,' notes Seema. 'This keeps the texture, shape, and beauty alive.' She explains that Venus Et Fleur's peonies are extremely special because there is nothing like them on the market. 'Our peonies are soft, and lush and don't require any water for them to last. Blending beauty and low maintenance when it comes to flowers, is really unbeatable.' She also adds that the floral symbolism behind peonies is prosperity and good fortune.

Peonies on their own are a fabulous concept if you're looking for table centerpiece ideas. But make them long-lasting and effortlessly flush with color and that'll elevate the ambiance of any living space.

Faux peonies to get the look

Why are peonies having their moment right now?

vase filled with peonies

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According to Seema, peonies have been a very popular floral for decades but she finds that their recent popularity can be owed to their lush petals, texture, and large size. 'Peonies have a relatively short blooming season, usually from late spring to early summer,' she points out. 'So this limited availability creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.'

'Peonies also have such an elegant aesthetic,' she says. 'They bring a nice pop of color to any summery space.' Nicole Elizabeth Dillon, owner of Breemar Flower Farm, also finds that the short bloom time of these flowers makes them all the more desirable. But besides their brevity of blooming, she also tells us that they are known for their lush flowers and delightful fragrance.

'The most popular colors include pink, white, coral, red, and even yellow,' she notes. 'And they symbolize romance and prosperity making them one of the top wedding flowers.'

Nicole also points out that peonies are one of those flowers that stun all on their own. 'Peonies are the stars of the show in any arrangement,' she says. 'I love popping a single stem in a bud vase for a bedside table, vanity, or bathroom countertop.'

Nicole's styling tip for peonies is to display them in an antique pitcher for a vintage vibe or simply float them in a large glass bowl for an elegant decorative accent. But if you get your hands on a box bouquet of Venus Et Fleur's 'Eternity Peonies', then we'd recommend just leaving them as is. They're meticulously arranged and made to last in the comfort of the opulent boxes they arrive in.

Seema tells us that while she truly loves all the colors, her favorite of the lot is the white peony. I usually find myself choosing the pink peony but white is just timeless,' she says. Besides cotton cloud white and pecher pink, the brand also does a stunning array of magenta moon peonies perfect for a maximalist's dining room.

It's 2024 and while we don't have flying cars yet, we do have near-immortal flowers. So I don't know about you but I'll happily settle for a box of blooming peonies to accompany me through the year.

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