Dunn-Edwards DURA Has Launched a New Color Palette Full of Contemporary Shades for 2024 Decorating

The paint collection combines 15 shades rooted in history, and yet they're all great choices for a contemporary home

A front porch of a beige weatherboard house painted
A house painted in 'Bungalow Taupe', one of the shades in the 15-paint palette
(Image credit: Dunn Edwards)

If you're about to embark on a fresh paint project now that 2024's on the horizon, you might want to listen up. Dunn-Edwards' premium offshoot, DURA, has just teamed up with the founders of the viral Instagram account Cheap Old Houses, Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein, to curate a historic and timeless paint collection that's perfect for the new year. 

Alongside color experts at Dunn-Edwards, the pair have handpicked 15 shades to create a palette that feels personal and historical, taking inspiration from period homes to inspire fresh decorating ideas. The onus is very much on encouraging DIYers to think about color differently and choose shades that reflect a home's story. From earthy yellows and soft peach to an array of greens, there's a color for everyone, and they're all paint ideas that make for a timelessly classic choice. 

'Fresh paint can make a house feel fresh and grounded in an appropriate time period which can, in turn, help you feel right at home,' said Elizabeth Finkelstei , Co-Founder of Cheap Old Houses. Whether updating your front door color or introducing a new wall shade in the bedroom, paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to elevate and transform your space.

While inspired by classic hues of old, the collection is certainly not reserved for people with a historic home. 'Through this capsule collection with DURA, we want to make the experience of selecting a dynamic "polychrome" paint palette fun and a little simpler by looking to history to highlight colors we think are inspiring and exciting,' Elizabeth says. 'Old houses don't have to feel stodgy or monotone.'

historic house with Dunn-Edwards paint swatches

(Image credit: Dunn-Edwards)

Having embarked on many historical restorations, Elizabeth and Ethan have amassed over 2.5 million followers who are all enchanted with the untapped beauty hidden in so many historic homes across the country. It's this passion that drives their color palette with Dunn-Edwards DURA.

'Picking out paint color is already an intimidating task, even without feeling the pressure of honoring a home’s history,' said Jessica Mycek, Lead Color Expert and Innovation Manager at Dunn-Edwards DURA. 'The Finkelsteins have truly started a cultural phenomenon around their appreciation and care for restoring older homes. We hope this color collection helps guide and inspire DIYers tackling their own “cheap old house” projects.'

paint swatches

(Image credit: Dunn-Edwards)

The colors are all intrinsically timeless but still reflect this year's biggest color trends by leaning towards more sophisticated and elevated versions of familiar hues. Mid-Century Gem might just be one of our favorite teal shades of recent times and, despite its historic ties, it also appears so contemporary. 

Green continues to be a popular color to paint our homes, and this one provides a nice twist on a classic, as is the case with the rest of the shades in this 15-strong palette. Try pairing it with one of the many colors that go with green to make it pop and add more personality to your space. 

Despite its historical roots, this collection of colors encourages people to take risks and have fun with paint. Elizabeth lives by the mantra 'once you know the rules you know to break them', and we think they're very wise words indeed.

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