Drew Barrymore's Small Kitchen Features an Oversized Hardware Trend That Makes a big Statement

The exaggerated detail brings a touch of whimsy to Drew's little kitchenette

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Drew Barrymore's foray into design with her 'Beautiful by Drew' range has made her one to watch in the world of interiors, and the kitchen is the place where she's firmly made her mark. The actress turned talk show host has blessed us with a line of stylish utensils and appliances that we're accustomed to seeing inside her home, but her humble little kitchenette also features a bold hardware trend that feels whimsy and retro in equal measure.

Taking to Instagram to share her spring cleaning routine, we were offered a glimpse of Drew's pretty-in-pink kitchen. You won't find any expensive materials or contemporary trends here, however. Known for her down-to-earth nature, it's not all that surprising that Drew's small kitchen is far from luxurious, but it has a certain charm that just captivates you - it looks like a fairytale setting and has the same comfortable appeal of your grandma's house when you visit for a cup of tea.

While the pink cabinets and wooden butcher blocks contribute to the cozy cottage feel, it was the exaggerated hardware that really caught our eye on this occasion. According to designers, the oversized detail plays into a retro trend, and it's one that could be making a comeback in modern kitchens.

'In the world of celebrity kitchens, where opulence often dominates, Drew Barrymore's kitchen stands out as a refreshing ode to simplicity and personality,' explains interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, pointing out that the true stars of the show are the oversized cabinet and drawer knobs. The spherical wooden knobs look seriously emphasized, especially against the backdrop of her small kitchen, but fit perfectly within the vintage aesthetic of the space.

'These large round knobs, prominently featured on her cabinetry, add a whimsical retro flair that instantly draws the eye,' Nina says. 'They stood out as playful accents in a space where Drew clearly spends a lot of time and their effect on the space is transformative. They inject personality and charm into what could easily be a standard kitchen setup.'

The whimsy feel plays into the bobbin trend we've witnessed lately, where the bubble-like shapes have been used for trim or paneling to add an element of playfulness to homes. It's a theme design Elana Mendelson of Elana Designs notices in Drew's kitchen, too. 'To me, these knobs have an “Alice in Wonderland” type of effect,' she says. 'The oversized spheres lend themselves to a whimsical surrealism. They definitely pack a big punch and add a large (pun intended) whimsical element to an otherwise simple space.'

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Recent years have seen cabinet hardware become smaller and smaller, with barely there knobs and super slim pulls now the norm. In fact, in the case of slab cabinet fronts, there are no handles at all, contributing to a streamlined, minimalist kitchen look.

According to Nina, a new trend for exaggerated size seems inevitable. 'After years dominated by minimalist, barely-there hardware, Drew's choice of exaggerated knobs may signal a shift in design trends,' she says. 'These eye-catching accessories are not just functional, they're a bold statement. As interior design enthusiasts look for ways to infuse character into their spaces, oversized knobs offer a simple and versatile solution.'

Could this be the new standard for kitchens, then? Judging from the way kitchen hardware trends are going - embracing natural materials, opting for exposed hinges, and embracing the patina of aged metals - there certainly seems as though there's scope for oversized cabinet knobs (and pulls, like those seen above) to find a place in our homes.

What's more, as we move away from flashy, ostentatious details in favor of more modest materials and designs, there's something timelessly classic about a big, substantial wooden knob on kitchen drawers and cabinets (besides their obvious practicality).

'In an era where kitchens often become showcases of extravagance, Drew Barrymore's kitchen serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most captivating spaces are those infused with simplicity and soul,' notes Nina. 'With her oversized knobs and coastal vibes, Drew invites us into a world where design is playful, personal, and delightfully retro.'

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