You need to see how this London bar uses modern arches to replicate a Mediterranean sunset

From its curved architecture to its Seville orange palette, Downstairs at Morito is our latest interiors crush – here are 5 lessons to recreate in your home

Morito Downstairs Bar
(Image credit: Morito Downstairs Bar)

Downstairs at Morito, the new basement hangout in East London’s Morito restaurant has opened – five years after the celebrated neighborhood staple first opened its doors. 

With its statement curves, royal blue banquet seating, and delectable accessorizes, the space is abuzz with modern decorating ideas that will bring a futuristic Mediterranean aesthetic to your home bar or kitchen. These are the five features you need to steal from architect Studiomania’s most stylish new project. 

1. Emphasize your arches – with a contemporary twist

Downstairs at Morito circular bar and staircase area

(Image credit: Downstairs at Morito)

Downstairs at Morito’s neon arches are the bars most talked-about feature, and all for a good reason. The definitive statement – that crowns the bar area – is designed to resemble a Mediterranean sunset, especially when paired alongside the warm copper bar top and Southern-Spanish-inspired bar stools. 

Plus, beyond its nostalgic allure, arches, and other circular shapes, have scientific approval too – after health experts revealed circular shapes are beneficial to our wellbeing. So, this feature not only looks good but makes you feel good too. Need we go on?

2. Pair blue & orange for an escapist scheme  

Downstairs at Morito blue and orange decor

(Image credit: Downstairs at Morito)

Blue and orange may sit directly opposite one another on the color wheel – but opposites attract – and this bar is a reminder of this daring rule. 

While Downstairs at Morito has chosen blue and orange for its association to Spain’s southern coast, these hues will act as a focal point in all homes – especially those fearless enough to use saturated shades – as seen above. This is the painted wall idea that will stand as a talking point throughout the season and beyond. 

3. Reflect curves in your soft furnishings 

Downstairs at Morito food and wine on blue and orange table

(Image credit: Downstairs at Morito)

Downstairs at Morito is a maze of circular shapes, but the curves do not end with its architectural features. Instead, the bar has mirrored the sweeping archways, banisters, and bar decor throughout its soft furnishings. 

The curved sofa above not only maintains the power of the circle – but also taps into one of the biggest trends of the moment – so you can dine in comfort and unrivaled style. 

4. Continue your scheme to your staircase  

Downstairs at Morito staircase

(Image credit: Downstairs at Morito)

When looking for modern staircase ideas, you could do far worse than follow the example of Downstairs at Morito. While this transitional space is not always a source of inspiration, this bar has reset standards for stairways by continuing its orange and blue accents and its circular-focused scheme throughout the space. 

This gives diners, drinkers, and dancers a subtle hint of what lies at the bottom of the stairs – while leaving a lasting impression as you leave the bar. 

5. Turn food & drink into statement decor 

Downstairs at Morito bar

(Image credit: Downstairs at Morito)

Your new favorite kitchen accessory may already exist in your cupboard; you just don't know it yet. 

Yes, bottles are the unconventional pieces of decor pieces that are slowly overtaking home bars and kitchens – and we're rushing to replicate this simple technique that fills your space with personality – and is ever-so accessible. All you need to do is look towards your wine rack and cupboards in a new light.

Downstairs at Morito, 195 Hackney Rd, London E2 8JL. 

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