Oversized furniture is trending – here's where we've seen it and why you should get involved

Bigger certainly is better when it comes to this craze – these designers share how to make big furniture work in every sized space

Oversized furniture trend
(Image credit: Heal’s)

Big things are coming – into our modern homes, at least. Yes, oversized furniture is trending, only this time, designers are encouraging homes of all sizes to get involved. Here, experts at the top of the industry urge us to rewrite any misconceptions that oversized furniture can't work in a small living room. Instead, they encourage us to bring it to any space we choose – because absolutely nobody should miss out on the fun of these fun-filled bubbly pieces of furniture. 

Still not convinced? See why these bold pieces are so popular and why it's time to give in to this bold and brilliant craze.

Oversized furniture trend

(Image credit: Heal’s)

Oversized furniture is comfortable

Searches for oversized furniture in small living rooms have recently jumped by 300%, but what are the reasons for this increase? According to George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, designers and founders of Yabu Pushelberg, the trend comes down to 'the act of versatility and the art of play,' which is something we all crave at present. 

'I believe this style of furniture is having its moment in the sun because the more people are at home, the more they come to realize that the ultimate luxury is comfort and having their surroundings naturally adapt to their range of needs,' George begins. 

'Large, bubbly furniture provides individuals room for interpretation – choice in how they would like to engage and interact with their environment while providing a pillow-like effect. The amorphous shapes of plump furniture effortlessly mold into your routine, supporting you and the way you choose to live today,' he adds.

Oversized furniture trend

(Image credit: Pukka Collection/ Yabu Pushelberg)

Oversized furniture allows us to break conventions 

George and Glenn continue, suggesting that the trend frames their first home decor collection with Ligne Roset, Pukka.

'We live in a world where there is a constant stream of newness, which is what many have grown to crave. Pukka is a response to how a craving for newness can be satisfied through strong, thoughtful, considered design that lasts. We designed the collection to live a long life by creating a collection that can be adapted to live in a range of environments,' George shares. 

This range of environments, from 'relaxing at home, sipping a cocktail at a showroom, or people-watching in a lobby lounge,' he adds. 

Oversized furniture trend

(Image credit: Pukka Collection / Yabu Pushelberg)

'Over the past few months, the world has been introduced to a new way we need to be living. We must be more considerate of others and our environments. I think Pukka breathes life into the spaces it inhabits and genuinely provides a bright outlook, which is what we need right now,' he adds.  

Oversized furniture is great for socializing 

As restrictions continue to ease on both sides of the Atlantic, we are looking for ways to make our homes feel more sociable once again. Sabina Miller, Head Buyer at Heal's, suggests this is also responsible for the growing trend. 

'The last year has shown us all the importance of spending time with loved ones, and incorporating an oversized piece of furniture into a room can be a great way to create a hub where everyone can get together when it's safe to do so again,' Sabina shares. She continues, suggesting that large pieces can fill any room with a relaxing yet colorful aura. 

Oversized furniture trend

(Image credit: Heal’s)

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'Pieces such as the iconic Togo Sofa continue to increase in popularity, and it's easy to see why; not much offers more comfort than the cocooning feel of being surrounded by deep cushioning. Use this as the focal point for the scheme, and keep the surrounding décor pared back to create a relaxed, yet considered look.' 

With these benefits in mind, we suspect oversized furniture will only get bigger and bigger – quite literally.  

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