Etsy's Trend Report is Here, and it Predicts 'Denim Decor' Will Take Over our Designs in 2024

Denim is having a design moment - here's how to inject this playful style into 2024's interiors

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Denim is a staple in every stylish person's closet, but should it also be a staple of your interiors, too? According to trend experts at Etsy, it's the material of the moment, cropping up in a variety of forms within the design sphere.

Every fashionista treats denim as a neutral, but within the home, it makes far more of a statement. Etsy's team of experts has seen a substantial rise in the fabric being used within the world of interiors, and they predict it will create waves in 2024. 

Denim is the embodiment of the traditional and contemporary mix we love here at Livingetc so, naturally, we were eager to learn more. Discover how you might be able to incorporate this interior design trend into your home design for a contemporary take on a classic material. 

According to Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s Trend Expert, denim is a classic fabric. 'Throughout fashion history, it’s been reimagined so many times and I’m so excited to see it develop more and more in interiors,' she says. The fabric has been a feature of fashion since its invention in the 17th century. Consistently being reinvented from the first pair of jeans to the denim shirt that makes up the Canadian tuxedo, it's such a versatile fabric that it's surprising it's taken this long to find its way into interiors.

Although you might think that using denim in your home is a bold statement, Dayna thinks you should reconsider. 'Denim is a timeless, versatile, and durable textile, that lends a casual cool to any look that will last for years and withhold whatever life throws at it,' she says. Considering deep steely blue is one of the big color trends for 2024, it might be easier to get on board with this trend than you previously thought.

Why do designers love denim? 

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Although not a conventional interior fabric, designers love the effect denim brings to a space. 'I’m so happy that denim is making a return,' says interior designer Bree Steele. 'I tend to use denim sparingly as an additional textural element. It brings a unique, casual yet chic vibe and can really inject some personality into a space.' 

Besides color, denim also provides an opportunity to add texture and interest thanks to the heavy material, something that makes it a great living room trend. 'With thoughtful placement and pairing, denim can elevate a space, making it feel both stylish and inviting,' Bree says. This makes it ideal for so many places.

How should you use denim in your home?

Once you stop seeing denim as a clothing item it becomes an easier material to use and you'll quickly discover the vast number of styling options available. 'For an all-out 70s vibe, look for patchwork and handcrafted upholstery in mid-blue tones and match alongside a color palette of burnt orange, reds, and browns for a contrast that will pack a punch,' says Dayna. Fortunately, there are so many colors that go with blue, so you're spoilt for choice.

'For a more chic, elevated, and modern space, I’d go for darker shades and washes, with white or cream for a more fresh take on the trend,' Dayna adds. 

If your interior style is more minimalist, you can get on board with this trend too, since denim decor needn't be loud and outlandish. If you aren't sure about how to embrace the trend, opt for subtle elements that slip seamlessly into your existing decor. 'If you’re not sure where to start with denim, incorporating a few small details into a room such as cushions, tablecloths or placemats is a great place to start,' says Dayna. We love this denim cushion cover from Etsy which gives a subtle nod to the trend without being overbearing.

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By adding smaller denim features you can build a complex color palette in line with current color trends. 'Playing around with its palette, whether light or distressed tones, can freshen a space, particularly in combinations of bright colors or white washes,' says principle designer and founder at Arsight, Artem Kropovinsky.

Etsy has over 16,000 denim decor listings, so there's plenty to choose from. As the trend continues to take off we expect this material will crop up in far more collections and designers' work in the year to come. Watch this space!

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